SPIDERSS Combines Browser, RSS, Networking Into Single App


Ideas, thoughts and concepts about what a mobile web browser should be, how it should work, what it should include, how it should be designed and how it should act are all questions which have been brought up relatively recently. And thus the answer continues to evolve.  A company called claims to have started the discussion in 2003, earned 4 million downloads, and is continuing the discussion today with the launch of an Android Application called SPIDERSS.

As you can see from the videos below, SPIDERSS mixes the traditional browser concept with RSS reading capabilities and social networking integration. The application is free but has gotten mixed reviews based on the layout and functionality.

Personally I think the idea is great but the design and implementation can be improved. Good start and plenty of room to improve. I dig the concept of lowering the number of “touches” you need to accomplish your goal and as TechCrunch explains, that is exactly what SPIDERSS does:

Available in English and Japanese, the free app’s main selling point is that all elements are accessible from a single screen: You can either choose to directly type in a URL or search term in the top bar (to then open a full browser window), check your Facebook newsfeed and Twitter timeline in the “Application Deck” under that or scroll through your RSS feeds in the bottom part. All feeds and web pages can be easily shared by SMS, Email, Twitter or Facebook with the push of a button.


Give it a whirl and let us know how it compares to your other favorite browsers like Dolphin and Steel.

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  1. At this point, I just don’t understand why you’re not mentioning xScope when you mention Android Browsers.

    It was basically created through your message boards and it’s the best browser available.

  2. Branching off Chuck’s post, why not do a comparison/review of all the major browsers for Android. Perhaps give links to each and create an poll for users to vote for their favorite and maybe a check box poll that lets them select the 3 to 5 features they feel are essential. I’d really love to see you stack up the browsers against each other either way!

  3. completely agree i love community polls

  4. I agree xscope is definitely the best browser right now. I was skeptical but firefox’s fennec looks pretty good and now their using opengl 2.0, so it will be interesting to see what the final product is.

  5. Just bought and installed Xscope G… its nice except that you are no longer able to play vimeo videos… weird

    kinda a deal breaker for me since its one of my favorite rss feeds

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