PolarBit Surpasses 1 Million Android Downloads


polarbitPolarbit is the company behind popular Android games like Raging Thunder and Wave Blazer. In fact, they’ve got 5 Android Games (ToonWarz, Raging Thunder, Wave Blazer, Armageddon Squadron, Iron Sight) with 2 more on the way (Warzone, Global Race). A post on the company’s website indicates they’ve just surpassed 1 million downloads… THAT is an amazing statistic and in fact, the company has now surpassed 1 million downloads on 3 platforms (Android, iPhone, Symbian).


All of the company’s games are “paid” but they offer free “Lite” versions of each. If more than 1 million people have downloaded their games and you haven’t… numbers talk and peer pressure has begun. Of course each person could have downloaded the free and the paid application of every single game so it is potentially only 1,000,000 / (5*2) = 100,000 but let’s not worry about the math. One million is a lot of downloads no matter how you slice it.

Congratulations to Polarbit although I wish they would have announced it by saying we/us/our instead of they/their as if they weren’t involved in their own site. I appreciate the attempt at objectivity but come on – we know who you are so revel in the moment a bit!

[Thanks Richy!]

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  1. Gameloft needs to learn from these guys. I really want to see a PolarBit version of Gang$tar, NOVA, and some other great classics from other companies.

  2. Gameloft sucks at Android, they only do some shit games like Expert Miami. And after that, they whine saying there’s more DL on iPhone.
    Just do REAL game and not your shitty stuff

  3. Although I haven’t seen Armageddon Squadron in a Lite version, only paid.

  4. @James – Armageddon Squadron is one game that needs no trail. That game is soooo much fun and so amazing! GET IT NOW!!! :p

    I’m really happy for these guys. Their games are pretty awesome. Now if only i could stop being in last place when i play raging thunder :(.

  5. @ F

    i emailed gameloft that exact idea like 4 months ago but i guess they didnt get the message lol

  6. Stories like this really should include the QR codes to a few of the games. Yes, I am lazy and don’t want to have to manually search the Market myself :-)


  7. This means that there are a lot of people using Android and the apps part can only grow now :D

  8. hahah i downloaded their racing game (raging thunder?) last night! i searched the market becuz their name was mentioned somewhere on a blog

  9. Unrelated, but does anyone have a good replacement app for Download Crutch? It’s gone from the market, and I can’t seem to find an app that does the same basic function.

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