Gigabyte GSmart Codfish Gets Pictured


Gigabyte isn’t best known for their mobile phones, but they’re hoping Android will help change that. They’ve just announced the Gigabyte GSmart Codfish G1305 which runs on Android 1.6 and was caught in pictures by PointGPhone:

After some hands on time with the device they said its build quality was good and its software was responsive. Coming with a 5MP camera, 3.2 inch screen, bright/bold colors and solid list of specs/features, we’re wondering what the date and price of the Codfish will be – nothing official on that front just yet.

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  1. What’s that triangle button? Search?

    Anyways, as I always say with these types of handsets, if it has Android Market and is priced reasonably it could do very well.

  2. Android 1.6? Next.

  3. my blackberry could walk circles around this thing..

  4. Looks pretty sweet but there is no 2.1?
    I think if a phone is released after the lastest version e.g. 2.1 then they should HAVE to at least have that version.

  5. Guys 1.6 isn’t that bad. Any 2.x features would likely be wasted on this thing.

  6. @andrex

    the triangle button will be the menui assume, just like the menu button you press on screen to bring up the tray

  7. We all need to send manufacturers a message and boycott all new phones with less than 2.1. If those phones don’t sell, they won’t make them. Drive all business for new releases to 2.0 or higher phones.

  8. Can’t they come up with a better name than “Codfish”? And I agree, enough with shipping 1.6 devices already.

  9. more info, roms and tools: boston-mania.blogspot.com

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