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On the other side of the pond they’re eagerly awaiting the launch of the HTC Legend and it looks as if the Euro-media are starting to get their review units. Over at SlashGear they’ve done an unboxing and quick demo of the phone, taking it out of it’s beta box and putting the Legend into action:

The unibodybuild and optical trackpad were praised while the physical buttons were a bit of a letdown. They also provide a quick run through the 2.1 OS including HTC’s FriendStream and Helicopter View.

Are you liking the HTC Sense upgrades or would you rather stick with stock Android on the Nexus One/Desire?

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  1. I like it!

  2. Sense is amazing. Go HTC!

  3. I am surprised.. But I prefer the Hero for looks..

  4. Helicopter view is pretty sweet. I have always hated that HTC chin though.

  5. Does anyone know when the US version will be released?

  6. Does it have the face/ear sensor? That’s the only reason I returned the old American version of the Hero, no sensor and I cheek typed Hamlet…no seriously, the whole damn play, what are the odds right?

  7. looks faster than my sprint hero….

  8. What doesn’t it have flash lite support like the Hero ? Full Flash isn’t coming either, only to snapdragon processors according to Adobe :(

    Also why multitouch touch on Google map ?

  9. @russ
    Maybe because it is faster than the Hero.. ¬¬’

  10. not doing it for me. I still prefer the Nexus

  11. Came from Hero to Nexus because of long wait for 2.1. Now having a Nexus, seeing Sense 2.1 just doesnt do it for me. Its polished but less features in the end.

  12. Why does someone take the time to record and post a video like this with no data on the phone? Lame demo.

  13. Very cool phone, when can I get on sprint?

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