Cox Prepping Kyocera Android Phone With TV/DVR Capabilities?


KOXThe guys at AndroidAndMe got a hot anonymous tip on a new entrant into not only the Android market (not the one for apps) but to 4G mobile phones as well. That entrant is Cox – the nation’s 3rd largest cable company. Here is what their tipster said:

“Worked on a quick short-term sub-sub-sub contract where I wrote an app for Android, to be run at a trade show. The hardware I installed on was a Kyocera, but even more interesting was the Cox logo on it. The logos were taped over but quite legible from the bumps nonetheless. There were also some Cox apps included; I think one was either for watching TV or controlling DVR? Not entirely sure. The screen was WVGA800, very nice and sharp, though the hardware wasn’t the fastest. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to photograph or examine it too closely since I only had about an hour to load and debug.”

The company piggybacks on Sprint’s network and recently invested $500 million in AWS spectrum for LTE. Looks like everyone wants in on Android these days – but how will they fare? Hopefully the “trade show” that the device was being prepped for is CTIA which is in just a couple weeks.

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  1. This will be kool i think even tho i dont like kyocera

  2. I am betting we see this in the next few weeks, the Omaha Cox Wireless service is supposed to launch any day now.

  3. damn. its coming to my area this month apparently and I already have a cox bundle for phone/internet/tv

    on there site they show a phone, could be a fake, but maybe the keyocera phone looks like it?


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