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want21Over at the official Motorola support forums our friend Matt the Moderator knows how badly people want Android 2.1 on their Droid. While there has been some miscommunication in the past, MOTO wants to make things perfectly clear moving forward.

Matt has set up a thread asking people to subscribe – when 2.1 starts going out he’ll update the thread and E-Mails will be sent out to subscribed members. Our own Phases set up the same thing on AndroidForums so if you’ve already got an account with AF that might be easier. Either way you’re sure to know when 2.1 starts dropping.

But hey…  not like the forums won’t light up as soon as people start getting the option to download, right? At least this will help deflect any “false alarms”.

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  1. Did he get tired of saying “soon”?

  2. Subbed… here’s to hoping its soon. Or a rooting I may go

  3. Can’t wait. Soo excited. Pretty much the only reason I have an Android phone.

  4. He can’t just say “we’re expecting to start the OTA the week of…” lame.

  5. Got to say Blasek said it all , can’t you just give us a date !
    Got to keep the 2.1 myth going .
    Real soon in corporate lingo : probably never !

  6. Wouldn’t it just as easy to just plain wait? Your phone will tell you when the upgrade took place aand require you to reboot. Rather pointless.

  7. A little off topic, but Phandroid Team, you need update your site — that obsolete “upcoming Android phones” column on the sidebar is really becoming an eyesore now. I’d like this site to become the one-stop shop for Android news, but it’s the little things like this that keep it from being a true contender.

    Oh, and you might want to hire an editor. I’m available free-of-charge to proof-read your articles in the meantime.

  8. I can just about guarantee 2.1 will sent out ota prior to March 23…that is when Verizon is premiering the nexus one. Motorola will not want to lose sales to them in verizon stores.

  9. I am about to give up on getting the update .

  10. After all the months of head games and now limiting which phones actually get flash or the abilty to use it, the second seat droid has taken to the nexus in software, and constant rescheduling the “Big Uveiling” of better software. don’t you think this is directing people towards buying an item based on a statement of “its gonna be great when…… this year the new…….” All i got to say to myself when i look in the mirror is “SUCKER”.
    I own the motorola droid. i use the verizon network. i am a gadget guy. i love having a gadget. thats hy i bought the droid thinking it was going to be the best gadgett ever and i am very happy but, i had a push into it by a salesman, “They are going to have that flash update any day now.” that was in december. its all bullshit in my opinion to direct the market in such a way that all companies remain profitable with the technology they have too offer.
    i predict there is an update that sucks and no flash. it has been and will continue to be a lie.

  11. Ok to clear things up my cusin is on of the developers of the android OS… He told me that the only reason y 2.1 isn’t out for the droid is because verizon controls when they want to push out there updates for there smartphones .. That was after I asked him if he knows the upgrade date for the droid….if you don’t believe me then there really is nothin to b done about it cus we all still have to wait

  12. Will HTC be offering anything similar for the Hero?

  13. Meh, I subscribe to your news feed–I figure you’ll post the news soon after its official

  14. Please email me when Android 2.1 for Droid is released

  15. Motorola and Verizon sure have got the marketing down. To there success.

  16. Patiently Waiting

  17. Do not buy this phone it does not allow web installs. There is no “allow untrusted” option in the application settings view. It sucks!

  18. OK this is getting old! I was perfectly happy with my phone and just getting an update to the latest firmware when the ladie asked me if I wanted to see the latest phone. Needing to kill time I took a look at the Droid an honestly my first impression was, wow I expected a lot more from the onboard keyboard with the other one’s I’m seeing on the market. Still I continued to look a the features but was not interested until I was told about 2.1 and the ability to watch Netflix streaming movie’s on my phone. At the time I was told 2.1 would be out by the end of January. Then I was lied to about the charger not being compatible with my last phone so i would buy an extra charger. Now here it is mid March no android update in site and no release date. Unless when they said February they ment 2011. I am now fealing completely duped into buying this phone. I was lied to by a Verizon employee in a corporate store and was essentialy told I was getting the flying car when all I was getting was a decent automobile.

  19. Apphacker check menu>settings>application>unknown sources (check the box)

  20. Of course, if you really want 2.1, there’s plenty of people releasing 2.1 ROMs these days if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ve been running one for awhile now, and while it’s nice and all, I don’t think it’s the life-changing experience most people think it is. Live wallpapers are neat, but they’re not much more than eye candy. There’s a couple of weird things like the fact that LED notifications only show up when the screen is off. That makes sense when the phone is unplugged, since you could just look at the status bar to see your notifications, but it doesn’t make so much sense when you have the phone on the media dock. Launcher2 has a reputation for being buggy as hell…there’s been some speculation that fixing it is what’s taking so long. And some market apps need to be updated before they’ll work on 2.1.

    I suspect just as many people will be bitching after 2.1 rolls out on the Droid as before.

  21. I’m guessing that the Droid 2.1 update will be released late March around the time of the release of the Verizon Skype Application. Verizon did state that phones will include the Skype application. What better way to include Skype then to include it in a OS update. Now why they wont just come out and just say Late March, is beyond me.

  22. Yea the update would be nice but what I’m pissed off about is the flash player situation, it clearly said that will be available in the beginning of the year, and still no word about it, I’m pretty sure it said first quarter, I love the droid, but one of the main reasons why I got it was for the flash player, its fine if it takes long to finish something but don’t have a million people waiting for it like a child waiting for a deadbeat dad, who know if he will show up or not

  23. This has become an absolute fiasco MOTOROLA! Get your act together if you ever expect to climb out of the trenches of boarderline bankruptcy. The idiot that went off half cocked and prematurely announced 2.1 for droid should sincerely apologize and be made to give a real release date for 2.1!!!! I will this twice before purchasing another moto device…

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