TELUS Twitter Contest Touts Motorola Milestone


Want a chance to win 1 of 3 Motorola Milestone’s from TELUS? Just retweet something from their @TELUS Twitter account between March 1st-5th and/or March 8th-12th for the chance to win. Each time you retweet, once per day maximum, you’ll earn an entry into the contest.


When the Droid launched on Verizon it caused quite a stir so I’m sure our Canadian friends will be eager to win the same-but-differently-named device. You can check out full details over at the TELUS website. Hope you Canadians appreciated the update and for everyone else… you already missed your chance to win a Nexus One! Sorry but we’ll have more contests in the future.

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  1. The Nexus one works with “Wind Mobile” as it runs the same bands as T-Mobile.

    I want the Droid bad but I need to pay 400 to get off Rogers… (also it is a little dated now)

  2. @ G. while your argument “(also it is a little dated now)” may hold water when it comes to clothes and cars, I assure you that by no means is the Droid dated. Sure it has been out for 6+ months, but the hardware is still far superior to what it is up against. Load your own custom RoM and customize as you like…the Droid/Milestone will become a timeless classic akin to a renovated Camaro from it’s glory days.

  3. “Load your own custom RoM and customize as you like…”
    I was told that I can not do that with the Canadian/Euro Milestone, as it is Boot Locked…
    I ment in terms of spec’s, would love to see a Droid v2 with 1Ghz+ and 512 of RAM and ROM. (with G1 or backflip style keybord)
    Not saying its a bad phone by any means, just not the “king of the phones top of the line”! (though in terms of keyborded phones yah its top)

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