HootSuite Android Application Imminent [TWITTER]


If you’re not satisfied with the current Twitter Apps on Android Market and you think an alternative might work better, you’ll have another one to test in less than 12 hours if the writing on the wall is being decoded properly:


That’s the HootSuite twitter feed and you can find their website here. If that tweet wasn’t clear enough, perhaps the other billion tweets they’ve mad in the past few hours will convince you:


Curious to learn what HootSuite is all about? Check out what they’re currently doing on the iPhone:

Of course the Android version will be better, right? I mean… RIGHT?


[Thanks Christiaan]

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  1. it better be better or it just wont be worth the download ;)

  2. I use Hootsuite regularly on my PC and it’s pretty darn good. If the Android app has the same functionality, it will immediately become the best Twitter app for Android.

  3. HootSuite is by far my favorite Twitter client. I’ve tried them all. Nothing can touch the feature set of HS. I have a Droid, but also have an iPod Touch, where there is already an app. If it’s anything close to that, it will be worth it.

  4. Will it be able to run on 1.5

  5. See:

    Robots Join the Fun – HootSuite on the Go

    Now Google Android® device users can enjoy HootSuite from anywhere with a choice of full-featured and lite versions of the popular social media dashboard. Built to utilize Google open web platform, Android users will now enjoy the same benefits iPhone user have raved about, including:

    * Managing multiple identities and accounts
    * Creating custom views for tags and searches
    * Understanding reasons for trending topics
    * Scheduling messages for the future
    * Adding followers to lists and accounts
    * Sharing photos and shortening URLs
    * Plus HootSuite Android version includes a few new tricks including background notifications so messages keep on coming even when you’re browsing elsewhere.

    Choose between two versions – including a free option. The full-featured allows unlimited Twitter accounts plus on-board, click-through statistics tracking. The Lite versions – available for no cost – are limited to three accounts.

    Already using HootSuite on the web? Tight integration means a single import gets you rolling so you are synced up on the go, and at your desk with help from a powerful wizard.

    Get your fingers on this Owl to outreach to audiences, track conversation, spread messages and track statistics from anywhere you choose and let the robots work for you.

    Apps will be available 5am PST March 2nd

  6. It’s not showing up in the Market for me. (Running 1.5) :(

  7. Just more “X for Android,” just not yours. Whoopee!

  8. It looks EXACTLY like the iPhone app…. =/

  9. Tried searching for it on an Eris with Android v1.5–no luck.

  10. Using it now… best twitter app I’ve used.

    I’m on a G1 using a 2.1 ROM btw.

  11. Just downloaded the lite version just now.

    Currently using Seesmic but I’ll give this one a test run for a while.

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