Feb 24th, 2010

If your a gamer and remember the good old days when Quake on your PC was the epitome of gaming, then here is some of the best Android news yet!  A user by the name of Thunderbird2k has succesfully ported Quake 3 to his Motorola Milestone. As of now, it is optimized to play on devices with a physical keyboard but hopefully it can be further developed to be used on all Android devices.

Thunderbird2k says:

“It took more steps to optimize performance, improve and control the sound and network to add. Without sound the game runs at 25fps now, while the original game could be played with a framerate of over forty.”


Quake 3 is designed to run on Android 2.0 devices and can be found via Thunderbird2k’s project page. From what I’ve seen the most inconsistent part is the frame rate that seems to jump around based on the size of the map you are playing on. Users are reporting frame rates of around 20-30fps but that it drops significantly on large maps or when your battles get intense. Good news, however, as the project is open source and can be improved with some other developer’s contributions. As a huge fan of Quake 3, I am definitely going to give this one a shot, anyone else planning on trying it out?

[via Tweakers]