Feb 24th, 2010

The Astonishing Tribe has been developing a new augmented reality application for mobile devices. They built a software application called Recognizr that allows your phone to see who a person is and what social networking they are connected to. It will also link whoever it sees back to your address book profile and will display their name, address, phone number, and basically whatever information you stored for that particular contact in your address book.


After they demonstrated Recognizr at this years Mobile World Congress, Dan Gärdenfors, head of user experience research at The Astonishing Tribe, said they would partner up and bring the concept to the Android Market. Dan also says that there will be a commercial application launching within the next few months. Check out Recognizr in action:

Looks pretty cool from the demo video. It is a nice toy to play with and have your phone recognize your friends and be able to upload the photo to Facebook.. and have it automatically tag everyone in the photo based on the profiles you have set up for Recognizr. This looks like some very interesting software and certainly adds to your Android phone’s “coolness” factor.

[via ReadWriteWeb | The Astonishing Tribe ]

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