Mobile Roadie Cookie Cuts Your Android App


Making a mobile application is a great way to reach more users, customers, fans, readers, subscribers, etc… but usually you need the expertise to build it yourself or a bunch of money to hire someone to do the job – not with Mobile Roadie on Android. While there IS a $499 set up fee and $29/month management fee, this is far less less than what you would normally pay to have an Android App developed from scratch. Although it’s clean looking and has a bunch of features, you’ll also be getting a cookie cutter app that is nearly identical to many other apps out there.

phones2Mobile Roadie has been available for iPhone App development for some time and is just now coming to Android. To promote the platform launch the company has gotten Dolly Parton, Ashton Kutcher and Madonna involved – that’s a high priced announcement! By the way Taylor Swift is coming soon.


The other interesting thing is that ANYBODY can take advantage of this. Maybe you’re just a random dude who has a personal blog that thinks it’d be awesome to have your own app – go for it. The idea of Mobile Roadie is great – it gives you all the benefits of having a mobile application and a mobile strategy without all the overhead and complications. I can see a lot of people/websites/companies/musicians/businesses/etc. taking advantage of this.

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  1. Works better if you happen to be a “random dude who has a personal blog” and an extra $847 laying around to get you through the first year…

  2. Now we can have 8 differnt apps that make farting noies just like the iphone yay! I kid I kid… Thats not alot of money for most companys.

  3. Oh I totally agree about a company using this. If you can shell out $900ish and have a working, supported app, then you’re doing great, even if it is a kind of generic app that’s gonna look like everyone else’s. I just can’t see the average Joe with a blog and a twitter account wanting to drop close to a $1000 for their very own app for God knows what.

  4. Only dead fish follow the stream.

  5. Only dead fish? What about gay fish?

  6. Found a coupon code to save money on Mobile Roadie. Type in the code ILOVEAPPS during sign up to receive 10% of the setup fee.

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