Android 2.1 Now On 4 Former WinMo HTC Devices


We have seen WinMo devices in the past that have been hacked to support Android OS, but now there are 4 more that are now rocking Android 2.1. The HTC Kaiser, a Vogue, Niki or Polaris are now able to be hacked in to thanks to XDA-developers.


So far, bluetooth and the device’s camera are proving troublesome and not functioning properly. However, Android 2.1 is operating with the phone’s WiFi and GPS, which seem to get most ROMs and developers the biggest headaches. This will obiviously delete the Windows Mobile OS on your phone so hack at your own risk. Anyone have either a Kaiser, Vogue, Niki, or Polaris that you can try this on? Let us know how it works for you.

[via Hackaday, XDA Developers]

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  1. I am running the 2.1 on my Vogue. It works great, pretty much allowing me to skip the Hero and wait for the Supersonic. I’m not a heavy camera user, so it is only kind of annoying that the camera doesn’t work. Also I cannot play videos, youtube, sprinttv, etc. I haven’t tried bluetooth, but supposedly that works, i guess.

  2. Android on the HTC Kaiser has not been updated since October of 2009 and the 1.6 release (of the ROM, not the Android OS) was not stable or very functional from my experience. I think you could sort of make it work, some of the time with their boot loader, but it does not replace the WinMO ROM and it is not usable (in my opinion) as a full time replacement for WinMo on the Kaiser (AT&T Tilt in the U.S.).

  3. I’ve been getting my Android fix on my ATT Tilt for the past year or so. It works, just not that well. I still use WinMo as my main phone OS.

  4. Cupcake on my Kaiser (TyTN II in Europe) last August proved good enough to replace WinMo6.1 and was laggy enough (as well as draining my battery) for me to buy a ‘real’ Android phone. Please note that I fell in love with the google experience when the mods still included the proprietary google bits. Of course you can’t get those as easily (legally) installed on WinMo phones anymore.

  5. My Motodroid wants 2.1. Where is it, already?

  6. I use a different 2.1:

    You don’t have to wipe WinMo from your phone as you have the option to install to SD Card.

    This is super-stable and is a full-time replacement for WinMo for me.

  7. I would put this on my Verizon Touch but it doesn’t have Wifi and I don’t use it as a phone at the moment so it would be pretty useless. Fun I guess but it’s not like it would be a great media player. With WiFi it could do a bunch of things. Too bad I couldn’t put simple EVDO on it and use it for a GPS.

  8. I ran Android on my Tilt until I bricked it by using it to break my fall at the bottom of a fountain. If I could get it going again, I’d be all over Android again. Waiting for the Desire so that I can retire my N95 8GB.

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