Feb 22nd, 2010

We have seen WinMo devices in the past that have been hacked to support Android OS, but now there are 4 more that are now rocking Android 2.1. The HTC Kaiser, a Vogue, Niki or Polaris are now able to be hacked in to thanks to XDA-developers.


So far, bluetooth and the device’s camera are proving troublesome and not functioning properly. However, Android 2.1 is operating with the phone’s WiFi and GPS, which seem to get most ROMs and developers the biggest headaches. This will obiviously delete the Windows Mobile OS on your phone so hack at your own risk. Anyone have either a Kaiser, Vogue, Niki, or Polaris that you can try this on? Let us know how it works for you.

[via Hackaday, XDA Developers]