HTC Bravo Renamed Desire, Modified Nexus One?


If the kids at Modaco are right, the rumored HTC Bravo will launch on Verizon Wireless as the HTC Desire, pleasing a LOT of people but confusing many in the process. The HTC Desire was also the rumored “codename” for what eventually became the HTC Droid Eris. Any way you look at it, the *new* HTC Desire (artist formerly known as Bravo) is essentially another carrier’s version of the Nexus One.


All this is rumor of course, but according to the pictures and information here, it’ll also come with HTC Sense. Seeing as how Mobile World Congress is underway, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this leak become “official” in the next few days, if it’s accurate that is. And rumor has it the day could be tomorrow.

And wait a minute – will this be sold on Google’s website like the Nexus One? Would it be sold as the Desire/Bravo or stick with the Nexus One name? If the object is to not confuse consumers, I think you know where I stand. We’ll see… what do you think?

UPDATE: Almost forgot the specs!

  • CPU Speed – 1 GHz
  • Platform – Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC SenseTM
  • Memory – ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 576 MB
  • Dimensions – (LxWxT) 119 x 60 x 11.9 mm (4.7 x 2.36 x 0.47 inches)
  • Weight – 135 grams (4.76 ounces) with battery
  • Display – 3.7-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution
  • Network – HSPA/WCDMA:
  • Europe/Asia: 900/2100 MHz
  • Upload speed of up to 2 Mbps and download speed of up to 7.2 Mbps
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz (Band frequency, HSPA availability, and data speed are operator dependent.)
  • Onscreen navigation – Optical Trackball
  • GPS – Internal GPS antenna
  • Sensors – Proximity sensor, Ambient light sensor, G-Sensor, Digital compass
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth® 2.1 with FTP/OPP for file transfer, A2DP for wireless stereo headsets, and PBAP for phonebook access from the car kit
  • Wi-Fi® – IEEE 802.11 b/g
  • 3.5 mm stereo audio jack
  • Standard Micro-USB (5-pin micro-USB 2.0)
  • camera – 5 megapixel color camera with auto focus and flashlight
  • Audio supported formats:
  • Playback: .aac, .amr, .ogg, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .wav, .wma,
  • Recording: .amr
  • Video supported formats
  • Playback: .3gp, .3g2, .mp4, .wmv
  • Recording: .3gp
  • Battery – Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Capacity – 1400 mAh
  • Talk time: Up to 390 minutes for WCDMA, Up to 400 minutes for GSM
  • Standby time: Up to 360 hours for WCDMA, Up to 340 hours for GSM
  • Expansion Slot – microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
  • AC Adapter Voltage range/frequency – 100 ~ 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • DC output – 5 V and 1 A
  • Special Feature – Friend Stream

UPDATE: As the comments suggest, I first mentioned “Verizon” as the carrier. That was indeed a hasty suggestion whose connection was made by the Desire>DroidEris relationship. A European release is more likely but let’s just wait and see! Thanks for all the comments!

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  1. PLEASE let this be true. i have been waiting a long time for a powerful HTC android phone to hit verizon. love the eris, but just not powerful enough. please Verizon and HTC .. make it so!

  2. is this a WCDMA device?
    “Network – HSPA/WCDMA:
    Europe/Asia: 900/2100 MHz”

  3. Not seeing 720p record nor divx playing.

  4. YES!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for since I returned the Droid (after one week).

  5. I’ll take one — thanks!

  6. I doubt this would be sold on Google website since its not a google experience phone. HTC Sense means HTC has to support the OS and updates.

  7. So i don’t get what Friend Stream is…i’ll do some googling for that, but more importantly, what’s the big deal with getting divx, isn’t that just a codec thing? Most ROMs out there include FLAC support now so wouldn’t adding divx/xvid be roughly the same exercise?

  8. Ummm specs don’t agree with your verizon theory? And wasnt this in the tmobile line Up for overseas?

  9. How can they say this phone is for Verizon? Modaco doesn’t mention Verizon at all…

  10. Use the Link to Modaco and have a look at the bigger picture. I think it says everything, that the clock widget is set to Barcelona, February 16th and 10:08 am! At this time we will know more.

  11. GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

    How is this a Verizon phone than???

    Doesn’t Verizon use CDMA???

    This article seems to contradict it self.

  12. Does anyone know if having htc sense affects how many android apps you can use?

  13. I don’t see any talk on Modaco about this being for Verizon. I hope it is, but the bands scream world phone (GSM).

  14. What’s the screen size? Those dimensions are for the over size of the phone…

  15. I’d rather have the Google Nexus without HTC Sense than the Verizon Nexus with HTC Sense. The UI looks a little cartoony to me. Plus each time there is an OS update HTC may have to make a new version of Sense to be compatible so you are relying on two companies for the update to work rather than one.

  16. This phone will not end up on Verizon. Verizon uses CDMA tech and this phone uses GSM. I’m not saying a similar phone wont come out but it wont be this one. I’d expect to see that on T-Mobile of it came to the US.

  17. looks the nexus from the back

  18. To reiterate from above:

    1. How could ANYONE read GSM specs and immediately think Verizon? Here’s a tip, if it says Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, it’s a GSM centric device. And the fact that it lists “Europe/Asia: 900/2100 MHz” as the Network, it’s not in the US (Europe/Asia should have been the dead give away).

    2. The Nexus One will never have SenseUI on it.

    3. Whatever the name of it is (this artice isn’t screaming legitimacy you know), it’s the HTC’ized Bravo. NOT the Nexus One. The Nexus One has a trackball – it was spec’d that way from Google.

    Jeesh. Put some thought into these things…

  19. the bands do not support verizons network right now. they do support t-mobiles though…because it is a GSM DEVICE….maybe you should have read the specs??

    however, it is not unlikely that a non GSM version will be available, but right now, we do not know

  20. Is there going to be a physical keyboard added to one of these phones?

  21. The bands support AT&T or T-Mobile for EDGE only. There’s no US 3G GSM support on this phone. Clearly a world phone.

  22. Does anyone know if there’s going to be a version of this with a keyboard?

  23. this beats the nexus one iMo.
    hardware buttons and sense!
    though…i would love to get the updates soon as they come…google experience.
    but this is sexy!

  24. Wow!!! I must say, I’m not a fan of hardware buttons (just an extra area for dust to get it)… but this device looks GOOD!!!

    Could this be Verizon’s version of the Nexus One??

  25. Oops… obviously not with those specs (GSM, not CDMA)… but maybe it’s still a hint…

    This could very easily be Vodafone UK’s version of the Nexus One… Regardless… it’s hot!

  26. @Colby, @Biggles: says Network HSPA/WCDMA, does that not indicate VZW?

  27. it’s even got a mini ‘chin’ lol

  28. Dilbert you are rught!



  30. Damn that Sense UI. If they want to keep me from buying a phone, slap a crappy takes-a-million-years-to-receive-an-update UI on top of it.

  31. @Jared Network HSPA/WCDMA is gsm type 3g network… WCDMA is not CDMA which is what verizon is.. CDMA uses EDVO and GSM uses HSPA/WCDMA for 3G network… so according to the soecs its a GSM phone and will not work on Verizons network..

    correction ment to write specs not soecs…

  32. thats one good looking phone.

  33. Been waiting for this phone. I thought it had an FM radio? I hope it does.

  34. I’ve wanted this since it was first rumored! Hopefully it will come to the US on T-Mo! (I know it doesn’t have T-Mo 3G bands……yet). I don’t want a Nexus, because I want to buy from a T-Mo dealer, not send away to Google.

  35. Memory – ROM: 512 MB, RAM: 576 MB

    Thought this one has less RAM then the Nexus One?

  36. I agree with Veronica on this issue of Sense. After being treated like the bastard child of the true android phones and receiving no update to my Sense UI Eris I will be thinking long and hard before I ever get another HTC. It pisses me off even more knowing that they have 2.1 working on theses Sense enabled phones but are still not passing that update to us. Oh well. Waiting for root. You want something done right do it yourself I guess, or at least wait for some genius’s much smarter than I to do it.

  37. You know, I do appreciate the news here, but I’m growing weary of Phandroid “editors” and “writers” concluding nearly *EVERY* one of their posts with a lame, hackneyed, rhetorical question apparently tacked on to generate reader conversation. Given the ability to comment after each Phandroid post, it’s very damn likely that we’ll have a discussion about whatever topic is at hand without editors/writers needing to “prime the pump,” thanks very much. Will you PLEASE consider dropping the cute, folksy concluding questions, which at best come off as article filler/padding, and at worst, as a smokescreen for a lack of writing skills? “What do you think?”

  38. Wasn’t the Droid Eris also the HTC Desire 6200?

  39. I’m fine with the writers adding in their little blurbs At the end of their articles……just bring me my HTC supersonic news man lol

  40. The Desire was the DROID Eris. Remember ‘Desire’ spelled backwards is ‘Eris’, you just drop the ‘ed’. This is the HTC Bravo, which has a Verizon version called the HTC Incredible, which has already been seen on cma with Verizon logos abound. The Bravo/Incredible relationships comes on the same realization as the Sprint Hero/DROID Eris relationship. The difference is that a third version was added in for Google as the Nexus One.

  41. when is someone gonna put 2 and 2 together!?!?!!? How many all touch phones are they gonna come out with… we want the 1GHz processor, we want a big AMOLED, AND A PHYSICAL KEYBOARD…. come on! this is ridiculous.do they think people dont like to type on the buttons? somebody help me out cuz i dont get it,

  42. Oh also, on the Verizon website when you go to DROID Eris and go to what is included on the box, it says HTC Desire. There is a chance, however, that the Bravo could become the Desire II…

  43. I would hope this phone wouldn’t be sold by Google because of the Sense UI. I would imagine that any Android phone sold by Google would be in Google’s control when it comes to OS and UI updates. That’s one of the advantages I see about buying from Google. The Google phones will hopefully be the first to get most any new OS updates. Also, the N1 is going to Verizon this spring so people who want a great Android phone on Verizon don’t have to wait too much longer anyway.

  44. Wow, I have looked at everyone give their definite reasoning as to why this phone is not coming to Verizon, the only thing I don’t understand is all of you idiots are looking at a “LEAK” and making your assumptions up just like phandroid did. How the hell do any of you know anything about this phone, other than what you see on this render, but yet some of you VZW haters want to act like your the technology Bible, give it a f’ing rest. It may come out on Verizon it may not, shit it may come out on cricKet for all we know! JUST SHUT UP AND WAIT!!!!

  45. The latest rumor making the rounds suggests that the Passion is now on track for a January 2010 launch in the States while the Bravo will launch three months later with T-Mobile in Europe. Details: http://is.gd/8rW8u

  46. @onlyever

    no, the Incredible is a completely different phone from the N1 or Bravo. The Incredible already has leaked pictures that look like the HD2 NOT the N1. This phone has nothing to do with VZW as of now, as Verizon is getting the INCREDIBLE AND N1. VZWs N1 might be modified from TMOs, but it is NOT the Incredible.

    @ all you Sense Haters
    As for HTC Sense on an HTC device, Google might have been big in the process for the phone but, IT IS STILL AN HTC PHONE.

  47. I just want an android phone that shoots hd video and has high audio quality for music, come on hardware makers! Windows 7 is looking really good about now unless theres some hidden specs with this baby!

  48. The question of Sense IU is irrelevant as long as the Bravo and Nexus One are available for Verizon. If you like the Sense UI get the Bravo, if you like vanilla Android get the Nexus One. We all have a choice, and choice is good.

  49. It won’t be sold on Google’s website.. Google’s websitei s for STOCK ANDROID only …

    The Nexus one is coming for Verizon …

  50. It can’t be a Verizon phone, its GSM. Its on T-Mo freqencies so I hope its a T-Mo phone, don’t want to pay $580 for a Nexus One.

  51. this phone supports wma and wmv format?!!! this what I’ve been looking for my nexus to do. I’m kind of getting tired of converting to mp3 and mp4 :(

  52. Doesn’t the render give it away??
    Locale: Barcelona
    Date Feb 16

    Coincidence that the HTC presser is exactly then?

  53. More Android phones are always great – love the choice BUT I certainly wouldn’t want this to be instead of VZW getting the N1. I, like many others have said, don’t want to have to deal with waiting for updates to the SenseUI to get an Android update. Plain vanilla Android for me, please.

  54. Why the Verizon and T-Mobile bandwagon?

    A) as mentioned before, it’s GSM, so no Verizon.
    B) Verizon is getting the Nexus One, why would HTC sell two nearly identical phones, other than UI, under the same carrier.
    C) T-Mobile HAS the Nexus One. Maybe they want a flagship device they can sell in stores, but it seems more reasonable to talk with Google about marketing the N1 more heavily, rather than create an entirely new device.

    Onto what I’m personally interested – AT&T.
    1. Isn’t AT&T 3G 850/1900mhz, and hence supported by this phone?
    2. an HTC exclusive phone was mentioned in the Android press release
    3. this would make a nice flagship alongside the entry-model Moto Backflip, and provide a good competitor against the Droid and Nexus One under other carriers.
    4. Could finally compete against iPhone…. oh, wait.

    Yeah, it’s probably an overseas phone.

  55. Totally agree Jerry. VZW gets N1. And this is a GSM device for the folks across the pond. Maybe before the MWC is over there might be something else.

  56. I hope theres no problem with this phone like there is with nexus one i.e. loosing 3g signal from holding it a certain way.

  57. It would be nice but what sense would it make to have this and the nexus1 on big Red next month. But hey who am i to complain I’ll take one of each Please;)

  58. Seriously what’s with all the Verizon hate? Not every HTC phone is going to T-Mobile, and certainly not AT&T. Why don’t we just wait til tomorrow and see what happens?

  59. as for the Droid ERIS slow to get a 2.1 update… don’t blame HTC or Google… Verizon (like any carrier) are the ones with the last word and control over updates to their handsets… the reason the Eris hasn’t/won’t get 2.1 is completely VZW’s fault… NO ones elses!

    i’m soooo glad I have a carrierless phone – the BEAUTY of Google’s approach – not only did it release with 2.1 off the bat, one month after release, we already got an update, and supposedly another OTA coming soon…

  60. I would just like to point out that the HTC Desirec IS the Droid Eris. In all the files on the phone, provided by HTC, that use the name of the phone, it is always “desirec” (init.desirec, etc)

  61. Welll I said this before two times ago that A Verizon rep told me this was coming to Verizon….lol this like totally makes the 3ard time I have said this…..

  62. I want it!!!

  63. So nothing about this phone on Day 1 of the MWC 2010, Day 2 perhaps?

  64. Once again, WRONG- HTC Desire is not coming to Verizon or the US!! Why do I read these blogs- You’re always wrong!!

  65. Wow, this is amazing! I haven’t seen such a very powerful phone as this I hope Verizon can get this phone. I have been a Verizon user ever since. :)

  66. This is all probably a smokescreen..
    However, the GSM radio specs, on top of CDMA network, make this a real World Phone!

    Probably never happen, but I would love to get a great HTC phone on Verizon’s CDMA network and yet drop in a SIM and go GSM while abroad! I really don’t want to go to WinMo TouchPro2 to get this.

    And as long as we’re in dreamland, imagine this phone, with the HTC TouchPro2 physical keyboard? Man, I’d sign up for a FOUR-year contract.

    In the end, who the heck knows? You look at Verizon’s offerings week by week and none of this stuff seems to come to fruition month after month after month…Droid and Droid Eris…end of the page. Methinks they are going to milk those two for all they are worth before adding anything new with 1gHz Snapdragon to the mix.

  67. mi_canuck,

    …I can tell you without a doubt that Verizon has zero control over the OTA for the ERIS 2.1 update. It is completely in the control of the the maker of the software, in this case HTC Sense OTA/SQA Team.

    Of course you will argue and deny but anyoen who actually works in the industry knows this is fact.

  68. i heard that this was in the united states and that it was for europe

  69. i mean wasnt

  70. Let it be!!!!!

  71. So will the htc bravo(desire) come out with tmobile or its just goin to be with verizon

  72. I just want to f**cking know if it’s coming to Verizon and when!!!!!

  73. The latest reviews are saying that the processor is 1.5GHz and that makes it much faster than the Nexus One at 1.0GHz.


    Can’t say if it’s true, but it’s what I read.

    Would like to know if/when either is going to be on Verizon in the US.

  74. Incredible, Nexus One, Desire? What will it be tomorrow?

  75. LOL) Dilbert you are rught!

  76. Platon, agree witn you!

  77. Let it be!!!!!
    Lol hahaha Dilbert you are rught!

  78. This is all probably a smokescreen..
    However, the GSM radio specs, on top of CDMA network, make this a real World Phone! Probably never happen, but I would love to get a great HTC phone on Verizon’s CDMA network and yet drop in a SIM and go GSM while abroad! I really don’t want to go to WinMo TouchPro2 to get this.And as long as we’re in dreamland, imagine this phone, with the HTC TouchPro2 physical keyboard? Man, I’d sign up for a FOUR-year contract.In the end, who the heck knows? You look at Verizon’s offerings week by week and none of this stuff seems to come to fruition month after month after month…Droid and Droid Eris…end of the page. Methinks they are going to milk those two for all they are worth before adding anything new with 1gHz Snapdragon to the mix.

  79. Incredible, Nexus One, Desire? What will it be tomorrow

  80. Just want to say this blog is quite good. I always like to understand some thing new about this since I have the similar blog in my Region on this subject so this help´s me a lot. I did a search on the theme and discovered a great variety of blogs but nothing like this.Thanks for sharing so significantly within your blog.

  81. I have this phone its a pretty good phone its got good apps the battery dies kinda fast but thats because it always pulling from the internet

  82. Thanks very interesting article

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