Those At TED Get A Free Nexus One!



This year’s TED conference is in full swing and it seems as though the 1,500 fortunate people in attendance have serious reason to rejoice. Google has decided to give them all a free unlocked Nexus One. Seeing as how tickets are $6,000 a piece, those in attendance don’t need a free phone, but considering how many influential people are there, it seems like a good investment for Google.

Anyone else at least a tad bit jealous? I know I am, but for a $6,000 price of admission I think I would much rather pay the full retail price of $529. Seems like Google is doing a pretty good job of giving away Nexus Ones to help market it and get it out there, I mean it’s the least they could do after paying $6,000 to get in.

[via MobileCrunch]

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  1. Holy hell. I don’t even have $6,000 to my name.

  2. Considering the importance and influence of your usual TED attendee, this is very clever by google.
    Android soon will rule the world!

  3. Side note and honestly has nothing at all to do with android or google, my organization has wifi there =) hopefully some day soon these little droids we all love will auto-connect to it just like the iphones do …

  4. Google should give all Phandroid readers a free Nexus One…

    We have influence, don’t we?

  5. Michael: If nothing else, Phandroid has lot’s of influence on my phone decision :D. I always go here for spec updates =P (Still didn’t get an android phone..maybe once google releases a revolutionary one..and when i have money..i’ll take that :D).

  6. According to one of the TED attendees that I follow on twitter, people were cutting the line to get to that free Nexus One. This shows 2 things.
    1. People are interested in Nexus One enough to break social norms.

    2. The people at TED are not as morally progressive as they would like us to think.

  7. I wonder what I will get at Google I/O in may :)

  8. People don’t go to TED or pay the $6,000 for gifts, or any other objects. They go for the knowledge and the networking.

  9. @MR MIke B you know Having a free Nexius on T-Mobile isn’t to appealing to me and many others I’m sure. ..though when its out on the big V I will look at it with eyes wide open.

  10. hey Google, i think you should give away Nexus One’s at Comic-Con. No, it doesn’t make sense, but the whole entertainment business will be there and it’ll be good press. and i’ll be there. and i want a nexus one. and i’ll be your best friend.


  11. My brother was at TED. So obviously he can by the nexus. But since he is afraid of change and has an iphone i get the phone for free. Plus it comes with 1 free month of service and half price for a year after. NICE!!!!

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