Nexus One Testing Video: Pre-Production By Google & HTC


What type of testing goes on behind the scenes to ensure that when a phone hits the market, it is strong and sturdy enough to live a long life as your numero uno compadre? In the third episode of Google’s Nexus One video series, they show us just that:

I found some of the specific tests pretty interesting:

  • Button Test: simulates lifetime use of the trackball (the video shows 6,000 presses at the time it was filmed… how many represents a complete lifetime?)
  • Tumble Test: Multiple drops probe phone’s structural integrity (would love to know how high it’s dropped from, what material it lands on, and how many times they drop it. Also, what is the success/non-break rate they consider acceptable?)
  • Drop Test: Drops device from multiple angles based on the Tumble Test results
  • Compression Test: Simulates interaction stress caused by objects in pocket
  • Bend Test: Simulates maximum bend phone can withstand (I’d like to see them snap it in half just to see at what point it breaks and then snaps)

I’m not sure I could work in a place with such Android brutality present!

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  1. I would hate to be a test unit – :P

  2. just don’t drop it on the sidewalk, my screen cracked. I’ve had to send it to Dr Cell phone in Texas for a cheaper than HTC replacement. Pain in the ass, time to buy a gel case.

  3. I want to see the motor Droid go threw the same test (if not more). I bet we would see some interesting things

  4. Wow.!!hope my fone never goes through one of does test

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