Flash Lite On The Nexus One


Things like this just make me… jealous:

That’s Flash Lite running on the Nexus One. And I don’t mean Flashlight as in something that will brighten up a room in the pitch black – I mean Adobe’s video/animation platform.

I can hear half of the readers thinking in their head “Thus are the beauties of rooting” but apparently Leakdroid asked the guy who made the video and he has an inside route to the Flash Lite engine for work purposes. And of course, isn’t able to distribute it.

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  1. Whats so big about flash lite support? What about full flash 10.0 support?

  2. @Matt: The fact that this is done by reverse engineering and rooting.
    Hopefully open-source alternatives will be ported soon…

  3. @Nick: This isn’t done by rooting. Read the last paragraph where they say that he got access to Flash Lite for work purposes.

  4. The Nexus One is turning out to be a pretty darn good device. It now has multi touch, Flash Lite, what will it have next? Its shaping up to be every bit an iPhone killer that everyone was hoping it would be. Not that I care if it “kills” the iPhone, but I do think it is better than an iPhone.

  5. What’s so big about Flash support, full or “lite”, period?

    Not trying to be a troll, but seriously, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything by not having Flash on my G1.

    Games? Most of the Flash games I’ve played involve a keyboard and/or mouse, so they’d have to be re-written for touchscreen anyway. Might as well re-write them as native apps so they’ll run without the overhead needed for Flash.

    Video? YouTube and Vimeo work just fine sans Flash. Other sites can play nice if they get their act together with HTML5. Video on the web never should have relied on some proprietary plugin. Accessibility FTW.

    Interactive/immersive websites? Keep that stuff on the desktop. Again, the keyboard/mouse issue. I’m seeking quick access to data on my phone, not trying to be impressed with the “experience” of your company/brand/idea.

    So where does that leave us… ads? Yeah, I can do without those, thanks.

    Anyone else feeling kinda “meh” about Flash support?

  6. I want to watch movies and episodes of shows on my g1. or in the future on whatever android phone i own. since a good majority of the sites that i’m able to do that on require FLASH, I want FLASH. Youtube’s not that great for the simple fact that copyrighted material is constantly booted off their servers. 90% of the rest of youtube is home made cr@p along with the other 10% being some nice how-to videos and other informative or genuinely funny stuff. That leaves very few options for watching good video content on my phone, i’m actually stuck paying for that Jetflicks app and it’s limited to shows, and only whatever they happen to put up. So I want FLASH. Yeah, HTML5 COULD work just fine, but until it’s the standard for all the video I want to access, I WANT FLASH GODD@MMIT!!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe some people have not heard but Flash 10 supports multi-touch and all the cracking gestures of the iphone. there will be no need to carry your querty keyboard around. Looking forward to seeing what Adobe are bringing to the Mobile table (tray) with their next release (circa Q2 2010).

  8. @Alejandro, im sure it does require rooting, as it will require a new kernel to install.

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