Android 2.1 Coming To The Galaxy Spica In Q2


samsung-galaxy-i5700-android-21Launched in November 2009, the Samsung Galaxy Spica featured Android 1.5 and will be upgraded to 2.1 at some point of the second quarter this year. The news is coming via Telix.pl and says that Samsung Poland has confirmed the upgrade.

The Android 2.1 update will be available through the Samsung Apps application store in the Samsung Kies software suite. Samsung’s Galaxy 2 is rumored to launch with Android 2.1. So rejoice Galaxy Spica owners and hopefully Android 2.1 will come to the rest of us soon as well!

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Good to see 2.1 spreading.

  2. What about the original Galaxy?

  3. What about Behold 2 this phone needs an update bad just to fix all the bugs in it.

  4. IIRC the original Galaxy has had graphics issues since launch, it may not have the hardware to run 2.1

  5. I was just about to ditch my Galaxy for a Nexus One but this a little ray of hope. I’ll give Samsung until the end of Q2 to get this phone off 1.5, otherwise I won’t be purchasing a Samsung product ever again.

  6. @G8D: Graphics issues? I’ve had one (i7500) since mid October and I’ve so far had no problems with it except for it using 1.5 and therefore not being able to install Google goggles.

  7. When will the Samsung Moment get the 2.1 update? Will the Voice Search be enabled in the future release?

  8. How about send it on down to the good old motorola droid LOL

  9. Tech support on O2 Ireland have said that the update to Eclair would be around March for the Spica. Saying that they have very little info on it.

  10. Any news on 2.1 for the Droid??

  11. I second Mark’s ultimatum on Samsung. Behold II needs it bad. If not for the sluggishness it would be a great phone. It has decent hardware. I don’t know about never buying Samsung products though… maybe just never buying Samsung phones. If no upgrade, bye Behold II, hello N1.

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