Nexus One Dock Will Bump Music Without Being Docked


The Nexus One has bluetooth. The upcoming Nexus One Dock has bluetooth. The Nexus One Dock has an audio-jack for plugging in speakers. Connect those dots and its very likely that you’ll be able to bump tunes from your Nexus One without it being docked. Nexus One owners better brush up on their DJ skills and start dusting off their illmatic speakers.


The word comes from an Android Guys reader who said he had time to play with the dock itself:

…it’s a small dock where the phone sits in it vertically. My friend has a soft case around his Nexus one and it sat in the dock just fine even with the case on. The dock itself has an audio mini-jack allowing speakers to be connected to it, but unlike any of the iPhone docks that only play when you have the phone in the dock, the Nexus One Dock uses Bluetooth to transmit music. You can play music through the speakers or within Bluetooth range. The range was surprisingly good, able to play music with the phone 20+ feet with a wall or two between.  He had computer speakers attached, so I’m assuming the audio port is a standard mini-jack.

I’m not sure how I feel about the whole “vertical” docking thing. I like the multimedia dock of the Droid and hoped the Nexus One would offer this same horizontal experience, but I haven’t given up hope yet. We shall see… but I might take the bluetooth music over that anyways. You?

Rob Jackson
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  1. That’s a SWEET ride!

  2. what are the odds that i made this pic my wallpaper today?? lol

  3. Im not sure if the media gods read my last comment but thank you, my requests have been answered however i did ask for 3.5mm jack but this works.

  4. Obviously you haven’t checked out the dock on the Google site.

  5. all this stuff just makes the nexus one sound even better then it already did. Non docked music playing. What was apple doing i thought they were like always on top of everything

  6. retards, the pic is half a decade old

  7. I am really wondering if this dock will be compatible with the HTC Bravo as they use the same body don’t they ? But the Bravo might not even have a docking mode so …

  8. Every phone with bluetooth can do this. I don’t really get whats special. It IS genius however. I listen to spotify on my milestone using my milestone with a Supertooth Disco speaker. Works great.

    Oh, and for headset I use a Philips SHB9000 which works even better:

  9. Ordered mine so we will see!

  10. I ordered the N1 and its accompanying dock and I’ll have to say it’s great. Really it’s as simple as ensuring the dock settings allow audio when the phone is docked or within bluetooth range. I use a pair of stereo PC speakers and they’re good enough to listen to Pandora while I’m lounging around.

  11. for computer speakers, i alway buy those computer speakers that are made by JBL and also Cambridge Soundworks, they sound great”.”

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