Motorola MOTOSPLIT Render Gives Android Wings, Hopes AT&T Flies


Motorola stepped outside of the box when they announced the Motorola Backflip – the form factor was anything but status quo. Now Engadget has released a render of an AT&T-bound Android device named the Motorola MOTOSPLIT that has a wing-like  QWERTY keyboard protruding from either ends:


This would supposedly come in the 3rd Quarter so we’ve got some time to wait. That keyboard looks rather thin and the keys don’t look to “clicky” but the concept is one that I rather like.

Would you like an Android phone with this form factor?

Rob Jackson
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  1. Damn rob. Did someone light a fire under your ass? Now THIS is the kinda article output I’m paying you for.

  2. NO WAY, when I saw this render I started rolling on the floor laughing for half an hour.

    That’s the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen in my life!!

    How practical can be a keyboard like that?

    The Backflip is a ridiculous idea, but this one is worst.

  3. I dont believe so

  4. looks like an interesting concept. But ultimately it will depend on how well the keyboard is put together. If those buttons are hard to press an unresponsive it’ not going to take off.

  5. interesting concept but doesn’t look like it would work well.

  6. This type of keyboard has potential to make this an excellent android gaming phone. IMO.

  7. Ooo pretty! I really like the idea but fear the additional moving parts would cause problems in the long run. Especially given Motorola’s track record.

  8. I’m reminded of my favorite non-smartphone phone I ever had. Was a Nokia, I believe. It flipped open for a similar split keyboard option for texting. I loved it. People with big hands and long fingers like me find smartphones too small to be terribly comfortable. I’m typing this on a CLIQ and my fingers bump into each other. Could work if it’s sturdy enough and you don’t sacrifice screen size.

  9. Wow this thing has the same amount of support or lack there of on both sides, but I think it would tyte 2 have once u get used 2 it, plus EVERYBODY would kinda phone ur walkin round wit. B+ to the convo starter

  10. Motorola will definitely make a lot of money on the phone, but only because everyone will accidentally break it. It’s an interesting idea, but I would be afraid to get it because I KNOW I’d break it. Why not stick with the Droid idea? It works…

  11. No. Absolutely not.

    And I’m basing that entirely on the Droid, which I thought was a beautiful looking phone until I tried it in person and experienced just how godawful that keyboard is. Completely killed any desire I had to get that phone (not that I was gonna drop T-mobile for it regardless).

    This keyboard potentially looks even worse. I’m all for thin phones, but not at the expense of the build quality.

    Make it a little thicker so the keys look feasible and sure, I’ll consider it. But as is? No way.

  12. To Danielle…I thought the same thing with the Nokias. If memory serves there was the Nokia 6800 and then the 6820. I had the 6820.

    Interesting concept, but, would prefer to wait until I had one in my hand to make a final decision. A LOT depends on quality of the hardware.

  13. Looks cool but where would the battery go?

  14. Probably the ugliest phone I’ve ever seen…

  15. As Rob said, it’s probably not very “clicky”, too bad. I think a form factor I’d like is a Blackberry 8520-like with a way to integrate Android, touch-screen probably. Or something close. Sorry for the smaller screen, but I think this real-keyboard layout is a killer.
    Please some HTC/Motorola engineer read this post ;)

  16. @DanielthePoet and Bob – Yes, I had this Nokia 6800 too. It was an extremely functional texting phone that seemed ahead of its time. I never understood why this particular phone or the general style of this phone never took off, especially considering how common texting and e-mailing through phones has become. However, the way this Motorola would require two flimsy slide-outs instead of the single flip action of the Nokia, I question the durability of this new concept.

    Thanks for bringing up the Nokia 6800 – I never met anyone else who had one of these great phones!

  17. While it appears it might be nice to have split keys, it may make looking at your keys a little more difficult since the are spread out. Also, some times while I batting out text with my thumbs, it’s nice to have the ability to have one thumb “crossover” to the other side of the keyboard to speed up typing. With split keys that’s not an option.

  18. Yaaaawnnnn.What kind of real power or memory can they possibly cram into that thing?On the one hand(pun intended),IMO having each hand supporting each board would seem to alleviate any concerns about flimsiness.On the other hand(yeah,I know),whatever kind of detent locked the boards in their closed positions would seem to decide whether or not one of them got accidentally snapped off.For instance,pulling that dainty f***er out of your pocket,one snags on some jean stitching,(or sweatpants stitching),hand slips off,halfway open phone hits concrete,water,lava,what have you.Bad day ensues.

  19. I like the idea. I had a 6820 (still works) as well as a couple E70s (one with European and one with US frequencies). I have had a G1 for a while and I love it. I am anxiouly waiting for an AT&T android and this one could be the one. Hopefully they would leave it with a native android instead of Motoblur.

  20. AT&T is really gonna blow it if they bring this into their lineup. They already have the unorthadox backflip, motorola is trying to hard here. they need a phone to challenge the droid and nexus one. iphone is on the way out of exclusivity and they need to have an awesome android phone, not this crap. hopefully gtc comes through.

  21. haha i meant htc

  22. Hideous

  23. Yeah it realy looks like the E70


  24. Looks like…a transformer in mid transformation lol….but I can not say much else about it until/if it comes out

  25. It is absolutly something for my wife, she still uses her old Nokia 6820, she will not trade with any other phone ;-)

  26. Why wont it take off? Because of the click? No. Because of the potential to break? No. Because there is no battery? No. Because you can’t drive and text with it? Yes.

  27. @Question
    add Android 2.1 and you don’t need to be able to type and drive at the same time as you only have to dictate your message.

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