New Beta Hero Kitchen Has Android Cooking


MoDaCo announced a new MoDaCo Custom ROM. The Hero Kitchen allows you to select what “ingredients” you would like in your “baked” ROM. It is now far easier to choose any aspects you may not want in your ROM – rather than having to go through the hassel of accessing your command line to free up space.

The MoDaCo ROM is only available to GSM HTC Heros but should soon be  soon be available to all the modified ROMs MoDaCo will have available. There are also two requirements in order to use the ROM Kitchen, first you must be a paid member of MoDaCo, at a price of £9.90 for a year,  and secondly, you must have rooted your Hero.


Any GSM Hero users out there brave enough to root their device and try baking a new ROM yet? Let us know how it tastes!

[via MoDoCo | AndroidGuys ]

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  1. Is this like the fresh kitchen? Or just a diff version.

  2. This is how we should be able to order our phones in the first place. Just like you can build a pc at various manufacturers. Whichever manufacturer and carrier do something like this will be making a very smart move.

  3. Since most of us have the CDMA Hero on sprint you should do an article on FLIPZ FRESH Kitchen. He’s the best DEV I’ve seen as far as consideration to others, and their desires. And he’s quick!! Do an article Rob! ;)

  4. Awesome, we are now getting even better than Jailbreak tools :)

  5. You’ll find more people willing to Jailbreak/Unlock than you would people willing to root.

    Hook up iPhone/iPod Touch to pc and hit one button and your jailbroken.

    Hook up Android and run through various steps and some command lines and your rooted.

    Which one is easier?

  6. LOL it shouldn’t be easy to jailbreak your phone. That will lead to a much more insecure ecosystem which equals a great target for viruses

  7. @Otis,

    Actually you can do the same thing to root with Android. If you have the CDMA hero, just D/L Fresh’s kitchen, plug your phone and hit one button and you got root.

  8. Dear Phandroid writers:

    Please, either hire a proofreader or preview your posts before submitting! The errors have been getting out of hand lately.

    This is directed towards the OP, not the comments section. That would be asking too much and I know it. :)

  9. The Fresh works (pre-kitchen and ROM) really deserve to be featured in more articles. While Modaco is greatly appreciated for giving us the first custom CDMA Hero ROM, it’s been Flipz, Freshlyill, Toastcfh, Quietcblongs and many others who’ve played a far more consistent and active roll in the community.

  10. The spelling and grammar on this site is getting worse with each and every article I read. What has happened to this site?

    I wish I could say you’re killing the English language, but unfortunately you’ve already murdered it.

  11. Really, Fresh was one of the first on the scene with the kitchen customization tools and should have gotten credit as well.

    Overall, it is great all around to have these tools available to the masses.


  12. i quit reading after like the 10th glaring grammar mistake. No one is asking for perfection, but this is disgusting.

  13. Dreams – I enjoy dining out because I like to sit down, have some wine, take my time, talk and enjoy the company and atmosphere. When I’m at home and cook a big meal, cleaning up is always in the back of my mind.

  14. I have been fortunate enough to have been a Beta tester on this project and with support from Paul, all initial bugs have been ironed out.

    I have since settled on a Custom ROM and have been running problem free and smoothly since the week end, the phone is just so responsive now (take note HTC).

    If you are into improving your phone and your phone is rooted, you will have nothing to lose but all to gain.
    For me well worth the subscription.

    Check out the Forum http://www.modaco.com click on the Android link

    Note: this “Kitchen” feature soon to come to all ROMS all being well

  15. I will not pay

  16. Just the grammar in this article alone makes me want to cut myself..

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