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You have a brand spanking new $529 “superphone”. One of the latest hottest handsets, what do you decide to do? Well I know what I wouldn’t do with it…. take it apart into pieces. Luckily you or I don’t have to (unless you really want to) because iFixit has stripped the Nexus One, prodded inside, took pictures and shared them for all to see.




It’s an interesting sight, how often is it you see the insides of your treasured phone whatever it may be? How often is it you would even dare to take a screwdriver to your handset? Personally I wouldn’t touch my phone with a screwdriver unless I really needed too because in some circumstances it can void the warranty. Talking of warranties, if you do decide to strip your Nexus One like the above your warranty will be VOID so unfortunately if you do screw your phone you can’t turn to Google or HTC.  If you want to see a detailed 16 step guide to tearing your N1 apart head over to ifixit…

[ Via iFixit]

Nexus One Coming To Vodafone ‘in a few short weeks’

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  1. OMG! I would wait at least a week before trying anything like that!

  2. That picture is what I felt like when I learned about the Tmobile plans… screwed.

  3. yeah.. not much of a choice.. so I took the unlocked plunge… I hope I dont regret the 530

  4. well, 2010 is going to be an exciting year :) why lock yourself into a contract anyways, especially with T-mobile? I currently have ‘everything unlimited’ without a contract plan for $80/mo with TM .. a similar plan on ATT or Verizon will cost at least $150/mo, that’s $70/mo savings = $840/year!!! 2yr contract with TM will save you $#350 off the N1 cost = 5 month only, I say stay free and unlocked for a slight higher upfront cost, and wait for better phones to come.

  5. That IS built nicely. Consumer electronics have come a loooong way in even 4 years.

  6. @ Jose, buying the phone unlocked is the way to go. All you then need is a t-mobile sim and an unlimited data plan for 40 bucks a months. (and a google voice account so you can make phone calls…)

  7. I just wonder if he knows how to put it back together????

  8. @Veratu, to get a t-mobile sim don’t you need a t-mobile voice plan? I want to use my google voice account using VOIP. Are you using a prepaid sim from t-mobile?

  9. @ veratu ..I highly doubt tmobile is going to allow voip without getting some sort of cut.
    @jose… good luck with paying $500 for phone . If you like me and other pissed customers that aren’t paying that $529. Sign the online petion…….http://www.petitiononline.com/nexusone/petition-sign.html

  10. @ Veratu – I see you like so many others dont realize Google Voice is NOT VOIP. It still uses the cellular network to make calls. So ur dreams of “data only” service will have to remain just dreams for a little while longer because in late 2010, they will impliment VOIP for Google Voice.

  11. @DMAGIC448
    To get VoIP with google voice. You need the following: (two options)
    first choice in my opinion
    * Google Voice account
    * Gizmo5 account
    * sipdroid (SIP application for Droid) (still in Beta)
    How to:
    * Forward your Google Voice phonecalls to Gizmo5 number
    * Use GV to place your phonecalls
    second choice:
    Follow the instructions on this link
    I’m still having some lag on this option but there are probably ways to fix that.

  12. It looks exactly like the blackberry storm just maybe a little thinner with Android software instead of blackberry OS. Not really worth the buy. Got the Droid for Verizon and the update sent out hasnt fixed my phone (after 3 store visits and 16 update attempts)

  13. Wow it is amazing to see such a sight. Those fellas over at HTC did some good engineering to pack all they did into that slim case. Mind boggling really.

  14. @ Satvic (#4)

    I agree with buying it unlocked:

    I ordered my Nexus1 unsubsidized, $530, ordered the sim card from TMobile as well (free). Signed up for TMO $59.99 for 500 minutes a month, unlimited data / text, no contract.

    In December of 2010, when I get bored of the phone and want a new one (read: IPhone 4G or WiMax Android? :] ), I’ll sell it for $350 on ebay (G1’s right now are still selling for $200-$300 unlocked). Then I’m only out $180 for the phone (as if I bought it subsidized) and I’m not locked into a contract. And I’ll get a shiny new phone at the end of the year.

    Its a higher upfront cost, but if you got the cash, its worth it. Plus, I’ve never used tmobile, so I wouldn’t want to be locked into them for 2 years unless I was confident about their services. Also,

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