Jan 6th, 2010

You have a brand spanking new $529 “superphone”. One of the latest hottest handsets, what do you decide to do? Well I know what I wouldn’t do with it…. take it apart into pieces. Luckily you or I don’t have to (unless you really want to) because iFixit has stripped the Nexus One, prodded inside, took pictures and shared them for all to see.




It’s an interesting sight, how often is it you see the insides of your treasured phone whatever it may be? How often is it you would even dare to take a screwdriver to your handset? Personally I wouldn’t touch my phone with a screwdriver unless I really needed too because in some circumstances it can void the warranty. Talking of warranties, if you do decide to strip your Nexus One like the above your warranty will be VOID so unfortunately if you do screw your phone you can’t turn to Google or HTC.  If you want to see a detailed 16 step guide to tearing your N1 apart head over to ifixit…

[ Via iFixit]

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