Dec 17th, 2009

Right now the Android Robot is merely a mascot used to depict anything related to Google Android OS. But what if Android was the operating system used to power an ACTUAL robot? That is exactly what ASUS is doing and they’re calling it the Eeebot!

We dug through several sources to get you the important details:

  • “The goal is to build an affordable robot able to interact with children”
  • Will include “human robot interaction (HRI), voice and visual technologies, positioning and navigation, and more
  • ASUS will build software store and additional hardware components to further monetize the project and subsidize cost of original EeeBot purchase
  • AT LEAST 2+ years before we’ll see anything

So a family buys the EeeBot and can purchase different games, capabilities, personalities and various things for the EeeBot to be able to interact with the family and the kids. This is an absolutely AMAZING idea and it will take Android Applications in yet another direction. This is one case where a 3rd party Market will have no trouble gaining traction since this is 100% different than your phone.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Initially I’m guessing it will be small and simple… but if you had to pick some robots from our collective and imaginative past, what would you hope that ASUS creates with the EeeBot?



Or maybe something a little more realistic…


[PCworld via Interwebz]

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