Another Motorola Device Spotted


What might this be? I sure know what it looks like to me. A rounded possibly keyboardless Droid.  You know… slightly closer iPhone feel about it.

/shifty eyes

Just sayin’…


Yard over at BGR tipped this one off. What do they have to say about it?

“…apparently a full touchscreen device that features an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and dual LED flash, 3.8 inch display, 800 MHz processor..”

Not much else is known right now but we’ll definitely keep an eye out for you – that bad boy looks pretty nice!

Update: Many feel this is fake. Could be..



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  1. Wished it would be a phone for T-mobile. :)


    I liked my Droid for the most part. Sure it had some quirks but what phone doesn’t. But I just couldn’t get over the awful design. I’ve recently returned it and am now patiently waiting to see what VZ comes up with next. So will it be HTC which I’m sure many of us thought…or will it be Motorola again. Either way I think all of us Android fans are lucky to have so many choices coming our way.

  3. T-mobile is like the Miami Dolphins. They always make me cry.

  4. hmm…I want a better keyboard but I’m not interested in a smartphone without any physical keyboard

  5. A lot of posters claim it to be faked. Take a look at the back of the Samsung Omnia II pic, and it looks like it very well is…

    That said, if Moto were to release a phone like this…it would be pretty hot!

  6. AWESOME! Glad to see Moto making a comeback.

  7. yeah…this is fake

  8. @parker

    you’re right, that’s definitely faked, if that was another motorola phone i’d say probably just a similar design, but there’s no way motorola would copy a samsung phone so closely, and now that i look at it, that motorola logo on the back doesn’t look quite right

  9. You’re dumb. The camera on the phone says 5.0 megapixels not 8.

  10. Yeah, it’s definitely fake. No doubt about it. The back of it is nearly exactly the same as the Samsung Omnia but with the 5 photoshopped into an 8.

  11. landon: I quoted BGR. Read the post.

  12. PSd Omnia II

  13. And check out the crooked Android buttons on the front.I don’t even think the Photoshoppers tried. But then, with sites passing this off as legit, why should they? I’d be happy with a Droid without the sliding keyboard and no other major changes … that’s if Motorola is interested. Or, they can wait for HTC to beat them to the punch and add all those nice little SenseUI bits I’d like to have.

  14. Definitely a Photoshop’d Omnia II. That Motorola logo above the screen looks a little goofy, and you can see the shades of black change where the Android function buttons are. Plus, the buttons are slightly crooked.

  15. looks remarkably like a Samsung Omnia II or Jet…

  16. its the ommnia no doubt, the font of the legend that says “5.0 megapixel auto focus” is the exact same

  17. I agree, that’s 5MP not 8!

  18. I also agree that the Motorola wording looks odd. They didn’t spread it across the droid like that, why do it to this slate.

  19. Fake, I swear people makes news out of nothing! This is almost as bad as a week full of Tiger Woods cheating on his wife updates on CNN. Give it a frickin’ rest.

  20. The front of the phone looks like they took the buttons from the droid and put it on the front of the euro omnia 2. As for the back they pasted a moto logo on the euro omnia 2.

  21. Good photoshop :)

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