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Fring has become a pretty popular application, and while it has many worthy competitors, plenty of people still prefer  this as application as their consolidated source of social connectivity. You may be happy to know that Fring now has an Android Application!

Here is how the company describes the app in their own words on Android Market:

Fring is a multi-award winning mobile application that lets users communicate directly from their mobile devices. Fring is the users’ mobile social hub. Talk & Chat with your friends on fring and other IM services & social networks: Skype, MSN, Messenger, GTalk, Twitter, yahoo!, AIM & ICQ all through one profile.

Based on the quick but limited response from Market reviews, Fring seems like it’ll be a pretty big hit on Android. The Android version works over 3G, GPRS and Wi-Fi and allows free VoIP calls over Skype, MSN and GoogleTalk via hundreds of SIP providers. Maybe Google should have bought Fring instead of Gizmo5!


There are a few known issues, so if the following 3 things frustrate you, know that they’re being worked on already:

  • GSM contacts do not appear in fring’s buddy list on the Motorola DROID device
  • Call disconnection tone may be heard a few times when terminating a call
  • SIP and SkypeOut calls are not yet available on the Motorola DROID device
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  1. It’s about time! I just downloaded it and tested it and it works over 3G. A problem I have so far, the audio only comes out of the handset and there’s no option to change it to speaker or bluetooth….

  2. That promo vid was painful.

  3. numbuzz vs fring (would like to see a compare)

    Skype Voice calls… Fring FTW!

  4. SORRY, this may be wrong place to ask but hey,….
    has anyone out there try the bump it app from the market? I just tried it with an iPhone user. I have the droid. It works nice. But 1 thing. The contact seems to be somewhere else other than my contact list. But when I do a search, it pops up under the correspondning letter. I thought it may be that I synced my contacts using gmail. who knows. I just thought it was weird that bump it contacts is floating around somewhere on the Droid other than the contact list.

  5. Anybody knows where fring stores the passwords? I would not like them to be stored in their servers.

    Anybody got some insight?

  6. @paladaxar you’re not kidding… I felt slightly uncomfortable watching that.

  7. It’s a nice app, but it would be nice to be able to group your contacts by the different services. It would also be nice if you could group all contacts for a single contact under one name so that you could choose the service that you want to after selecting their name.

  8. This software is like a virus on my WinMo phone. No matter how many times I disable it, it restarts itself and starts searching for networks to connect to. Absolutely kills my battery. I’d just uninstall it except there’s really no other good solution to replace it.

  9. Any reason there are nearly no settings to customize this thing? I was so looking forward to fring, but I can’t even set it to not show offline people. How about a different icon for a different IM, sorting by IM program? Maybe I missed where to set those. Anyone?

  10. great to see the SIP integration too, awesome!
    one request I have for Fring: how do I enter a phone number to call when the number is not in my contact list? there’s no field to enter numbers, you can only call your existing contacts.

  11. Cool! I use Fring on my Symbian phone and now it’s available for Android.

  12. i dont see anything wrong with that video. why are you guys freaking out about it

  13. Anyone get this to work over wifi yet? Do I also need to have Skype installed or something?

  14. Pulled this app down and I don’t see any way to make skype to skype calls… Also looks like the Android Skype app dosn’t do skype to skype ether. Anyone know if this is possible?

  15. This is kinda cool because I was able to have someone call my Google Voice Number(which I setup to forward to my Gizmo5 SIP number) and it would would ring my android phone. I’m not sure if it was connected with 3G or WiFi but if I were able to connect with WiFi I could theoretically cancel my cell service and use my Droid as just a home phone. Not entirely practical for me… but interesting.

  16. So, I thought my idea out a little more and I have never used a MiFi BUT IF I were to carry around a MiFi at all times with my Droid couldn’t I cancel my cell plan and have people call my Google Voice number, forward my calls to my Gizmo5 SIP number, and answer all of my calls using Fring on my Droid? This way I would ONLY have to pay for a MiFi data package but use it for BOTH data and voice? Is this Google’s plan with buying Gizmo5? Will they come out with a similar program more integrated? Wasn’t there an article/rumor that Motorola had a device passed by the FCC that had MiFi integrated? Any comments or is my analysis way off?

  17. skype out worked on my Droid

  18. @AJ: You need to set up your Skype account first. Hit Menu, Add-ons and select Skype. Enter Skype login credentials and in your main screen you should see your Skype contacts appear.

  19. This software is utter pile of unowhat… It makes my HTC Dream reboot while I use Browser, and it re-launches itself at the boot time. Though I’d appreciate ability to skype from my phone, I’m sending this app to the trash bin.

  20. Anyone who is using this for Skype out…
    My Skype out did not work tell i fixed a few things, don’t know if you need to do this but trying will not harm.
    1: Set the number you want to phone on a normal Skype contact (using your computer and windows Skype account)
    2: Use the international number +1AAABBBCCCC (make sure to have the other country code in if calling to another country and don’t forget the “+”)
    3: There is a bug with the sound; you need to set the volume ALL VOLUME to at least 1 up. (This includes ringer/system/alert volume) WHY? I don’t know but it does not seam to use the normal volume setting for the app.

  21. This software works very nice in the HTC Hero, someone knows when will be available videocalls as in Nokia phones?.
    Than you

  22. Hi,

    I am using HTC Dream with Android 1.1

    I am trying to search “fring” or “nimbuzz” from android market from my handset. but it will not show any of the software. Please let me know the solution.

    Also, i am in dubai, and etisalat blocks websites of these software through their firewall. Please help me..

  23. I installed this software and now it requires me to use a fring login/password before doing anything else. In other words fring has access to my login/password on other services.

    Give this a thumbs down and uninstalling it.

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