Save on Android Devices on Black Friday


Black Friday will soon be here again. What does this mean for us? Well, if you’ve got a keen eye for savings, it means you could soon be enjoying a fantastic Android device, for thrifty price.

Without further ado, here is a breakdown of the stores to visit on Friday the 27th:
Best Buy opening time on Black Friday varies by location
Motorola Droid – $199.99 w/2-yr Verizon contract

Radio Shack opens at 5:30 am on Black Friday
Motorola CLIQ  – $79.99 w/2-yr T-Mobile contractmotorola-cliq

The list isn’t too extensive at the moment, but keep in mind that the Walmart and Amazon Black Friday ads (along with many others) aren’t out yet. We’ll add more deals to this list as they become available. And if YOU spot a Black Friday deal regarding Android, let us know in the comments. In any case, we hope you have a happy, safe Black Friday. Be careful to avoid getting trampled by the bargain hunters!


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  1. Best Buy is selling HTC Hero and Samsung Moment at 99.99 from now until December… it’s not a Black Friday deal, but it’s important for people to know… since it will be on Black Friday as well.

  2. How is the Moto Droid for $199.99 w/2-yr contract a deal? Isn’t that the normal price?

  3. Fry’s Electronics is giving away free G1’s for T-Mobile…

  4. I was wondering the same thing as paladaxar…

  5. iirc, the Droid is normally 199 w/2yr after a 100 dollar mail in rebate. For black friday, its 199 sans rebate

  6. The rebate was applied already at best buy, so this still isn’t a deal.

  7. But didn’t they already said that if you purchase the Droid at BB, the $100 rebate is instantaneous?

  8. Is the Fry’s deal a black friday deal? If so, how do you get one?

  9. @Semianon

    Right now at Best Buy it’s sans the rebate, the exact same deal. However, I did see it in Best Buy’s Black Friday flyer like that with a limit per store. Clearly, they’re pretending like it’s a special deal to generate a perceived bargain rush.

    Hey, why get trampled when you can buy it online now at Amazon or New Egg or Tiger Direct for $149 without tax?

  10. Walmart have free G1s also….

  11. @cmaxman
    I saw the G1 for free at Fry’s in the black Friday adds. I’m sure there is a required 2 year contract to get one.

  12. @SharonW
    NewEgg and Tiger Direct both offer the Droid for $149 without tax, but that price is only available to new Verizon customers. I am a current Verizon customer and I am eligible for a new 2 year agreement, but I wouldn’t be able to get that price, only new customers…unless I am reading the ad wrong.

  13. Got the DROID at Bestbuy for $199 the 2nd day out. No mail-in-rebate needed.

  14. The best deal I could find on the Droid was at Sams Club. $186 plus tax. New customer or elig upgrade.

  15. it’s a little early for Black Friday, but Amazon’s got the Droid for $149 (in cart) with a new plan. That’s even less than Wally World.

  16. You can also buy the droid on Verizon’s website for $199.99, no rebate bidness. Apparently the $299 w/$100 rebate is just if you buy it in the VZ store.

    Another tip — if you don’t like 2 yr contracts (I don’t), you can get a one year contract from VZ online by paying $70 more for the droid, or $269.99. Now that the ETF has doubled from $175 to $350 (as of Nov 15), that would be my choice. However, I was aware of the upcoming ETF increase, so I bought my droid on a 2 yr contract before Nov 15 with the $175 ETF, which I can live with.

  17. wonder if Verizon will have sweet deal on droids on Friday…

  18. Webby
    Please forgive my ignorance but what is “ETF”?

  19. early termination fee, if you cancel in the 2 year contract.

  20. @Rob Early Termination Fee

  21. Rob,
    ETF = Early Termination Fee

  22. Not impressed by the BB deal on the Droid. I got two from for 119 each!

  23. when looking on i saw they had the droid posted from bb at 199 and next to it they show a price a of 599 scractched out and when you click the link to the best buy it shows a price of 599 it mentions nothing in the bf ad of having to have a contract for the 199 price i think that bb is selling the phone on black friday for 199 without a contract that is a total savings of 400 dollars if so i am buying 5 i included the link to it is halfway down the page

  24. Dell also has the Droid for 119 w/ 2 year contract, new or renewal.

  25. Radio Shack said the ?79.99 was for NEW customers/cotract only…

  26. Radio Shack said the $79.99 was for NEW customers/cotract only…

  27. Radio Shack doesn’t even carry Verizon.

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