Motorola MILESTONE Now At O2 Germany


The Droid crossed the ocean and didn’t even get wet… it just got a new name: the Motorola MILESTONE is now available at O2 in Germany! Get this – it only costs 1 Euro if you sign a 2-year contract costing 20 euro/month. And we thought the Droid was cheap in the states!


This will make a lot of Germans very glücklich. A quick German look at the Miles you’ll get on the Moto Stone:


Unfortunately you WON’T be getting Google Navigation as previous licensing agreements restrict Google from assisting you in that department – at least for now. But in the meantime, Motorola has done you a solid by including a 60-day trial run of MOTONAV – let us know how that works out for you.

By the way, I just gave new Milestone owners their own home to hang out at together on the Motorola Milestone Forum! See you there…

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  1. The contract is just the financing. means 481 Euros for the Milestone without Simlock and contract.

  2. Wow, 20 Euro = 28.27 US$ a month. How in the world do they get away with upcharging us that much for monthly service? For that price, I could have four Droids on four different plans!

  3. “very glücklich!” – yes we are :D

  4. This story is not very complete. You should add that users on various German forums report that the Milestone has sold out in Germany before it’s even released. No official confirmation of that though, just forum posts of users referring to sales reps of the carriers. Also, sales should have started yesterday but nobody has got the Milestone yet. Obviously, there’s delays, probably 2-4 days. Another thing: Some German sites have reported that the Milestone DOES support pinch & zoom in Google apps out of the box. The Droid doesn’t. Another bit of news: Rumours have it that Motorola has abandoned both the Swiss and Austrian sell phone markets so users in those countries won’t be able to get the Milestone, which sucks. A Swiss site already offers imports from Germany though: http://digitec.ch/ProdukteDetails2.aspx?Reiter=Bilder&Artikel=177662 – no delivery date yet though, prolly the end of November…

  5. Son of a b…. I’d buy that tomorrow if I was a krout. Is it coming to O2 UK? I bet they’ll price it similar to the iPose, Pre and Galaxy – around £35 to £40 a month to get the phone free.

  6. “Get this – it only costs 1 Euro if you sign a 2-year contract costing 20 euro/month.” – that’s like TOTALLY wrong. the phone costs 481 € but you can pay it in 24 months, 20 euro a month. 24*20=480 euro. that’s WITHOUT a contract. also, not only o2 will get the milestone, vodafone offers it as well. the same for The Phone House, although that’s not a carrier. aww, enough for now. hope that helps to clarify things…

  7. This contract contains ONLY the phone! no sim-card! you have to sign an additional contract for data and calls.
    So the phone costs 481€ + a normal voice, sms and data contract.

  8. Fish is right about everything…
    It costs 481 € at O2, although there are stores where it is listed as 433 €.
    Not one unit has reached the hands of a consumer yet, though.
    We all hope we’ll get some phones in the next few days.

    Other than that, thx for publishing this great website!

  9. Remember that instead of Google Maps, the Milestone DOES have multi-touch capabilities, which the Droid does not.

  10. I’ve been hunting high and low for UK release details. I see reports that it’s not to EU aesthetic tastes, but Germany and Italy are very European, the UK isn’t so much.

    Come on, someone must want to sell this to the UK population!

  11. Hey,
    I have been trying to get this phone. I am already with o2 and visited the store on saturday and the flagship store in Munich today. But guess what, o2 people say motorola is having some problems with the phone (maybe the lady meant inventory problems) and she has no idea when it hits the store. But she took my detials and promised to inform me asap. Then i went to the vodafone store and they say that it won’t hit the stores until 1st week on december. Vodafone and Phonehouse don’t even list the phone on their websites.
    So far it seems Milestone is long away from european shores…….

  12. I think multi-touch is a patent issue. I have a rooted G1 which has multi-touch capability.

  13. FYI — MotoNav offers real-time pan-European traffic information from INRIX so you can navigate with ease across borders getting the latest traffic updates for major metropolitan areas in the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands and a host of other countries.

  14. to all my german friends; i reside in france and tried to buy it but got this message:
    “Produkt vormerken!
    Produkt nicht verfügbar
    Das gewünschte Produkt ist derzeit ausverkauft oder noch nicht in unserem Online-Shop verfügbar. Sie können sich hier gerne registrieren und wir informieren Sie umgehend, sobald das Produkt lieferbar ist. ”
    which means it is not available; do they mean they are selling it only to physical stores, or only to people connecting to the o2 site with a german ip adress ?

  15. @Wagster and @Matthew

    I too have been hunting for the UK release info and Motorola UK has been mum. About 10 days ago, expansys.com had it for £449 SIM free with no delivery date but has since pulled it from their website at request of Motorola. Expansys thought it would be coming out under contract with T-Mobile but no joy there yet. You would think that T Mob would see it as a logical extension of G1, a great Google Experience model phone. Pls keep us posted if you hear anything and on the new Milestone site mentioned above.

  16. come on germans, get this to ebay, i desperately need one

  17. @Jim: Your statement is wrong.

    Pinch & Zoom =! Multitouch.

    Is it really that hard to understand?! Come on…

  18. @jim
    both phones have the exact same capabilities. just not enabled. the droid has the capability to have pinch&zoom, but it’s just not enabled on the stock browser. the milestone has the capability to run google nav…the only problem is that google does not have their own maps outside the US.

  19. Droid supports multi-touch, it has these capabilities.

  20. @fish:

    How is ‘pinch & zoom’ not multitouch? Tell me how you can pinch and zoom with 1 finger?

  21. @ Togusa
    They’re saying its sold out (they probably don’t have it in yet), you can register on the site and get an email when it’s availible.

  22. Is it out at any stores today? Iam in the Stuttgart area and have not seen a O2 store that has it yet. the last word that I got the it will be out later this week.

  23. Damn, I dont know whats going on But I just talked to a rep at a O2 store here in Germany and he said that his books say it they will have it at the store in 1 to 2 weeks :(
    this waiting game sucks.

  24. @togusa: got the same message. Try it again 3-5 times (with a minute delay). And placed my order yesterday. Regarding to the Email I got, it should be here this week (2-3 working days) -> So Christmas will be in november this year ;)

  25. @togusa

    the text just means that the milestone is not yet available, no matter where you are from. Try again later.

    If I would not be a poor student often travelling between germany and the netherlands i would probably buy it. But there seems to be no EU wide (or germany+netherlands) contract. So it’s some kind a useless for me.

    a price of 480€ means 720$ and than you just got the phone w/o sim card and any services

  26. This thing weights a ton! why can’t Motorola make a slimmer/lighter Droid-S without the slide out keyboard? I mean everything’s already there. I’d buy that one in a heart beat.

  27. @Satvic: Two ounces more than the iPhone is too heavy for you? How will you ever survive? Look, if you don’t like the keyboard (and it’s great, I use it more than the softboard), just don’t open the thing.

  28. Can somebody confirm that the phone O2 sells is not simlocked? So I could buy it from O2, pay them €20/month for two years, and use the phone with an e-plus SIM?

  29. Aha, found it:
    Alle Geräte ohne SIM-Lock
    D. h., alle angebotenen Modelle funktionieren auch mit SIM-Karten anderer Mobilfunkanbieter.

    Prima! :-)

  30. Ugh…O2 wants passport, proof of residence, blah blah blah. Presumably because it’s a monthly fee. Think I’ll wait until I can pay up front elsewhere and not deal with such nonsense.

  31. @ klont hab
    thanks i was going to try again each day anyway ;)

    @ teek
    “Try it again 3-5 times (with a minute delay).”
    reeeaaally ?

  32. it would be nice if our german friends wrote when it becomes available for them :)

  33. Regarding to Hermes (they do the logistics for O2), I will recive mine __TODAY__ :)

  34. @ teek
    could you tell us if the menus are in german (probably) and is there an option for choose english as the default language on this phone sold in germany ? thanks
    is there is one, i would like to ask a german person to buy it for me please, and send it to paris, i would pay to receive the package at the post office.

  35. Damn o2 shop in stuttgart only had 1 milestone yesterday which they even werent allowed to demonstrate :( . The 20/Month offer is not even the best since you need a data flatrate for the phone to be of any use (costs 8.5€ extra for o2).

    So with an o2 contract you basicly pay 28.5€ per month+12.75cents per minute/sms. Oh yes and german dataflates reduce your speed from 3g to gprs after a maximum of 250 Megabytes.

    Anyway, if you still havent gotten yours: there is right now a nice offer for the milestone/droid on ebay.de which gets you the device for practically 22€/month with an eplus dataflat, eplus homenumber and internal number flatrates. However normal calls/sms cost 29/19 cents. You can use chompsms however for 8cents/sms.

    Ive already ordered mine there, hopefully it will come soon ;D

    Just search for the milestone on ebay.de for it.

  36. @ xey : Im in Stuttgart also, today i will try to see if any of the stores downtown have a demo. Dose T-mobile do the same reduction in speed to GPRS on their data flatrate ?
    I have a Hero with them.

  37. @togusa: it has the options to change the languate to enlish, spanish, france, italian.

    and i can confirm that the browser supports gestics

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