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Look what we have here – the Samsung Behold 2 captured on video. They were showing this phone off at CTIA but it was securely protected inside a glass box to prevent us from getting anything but a glimpse. But a little time has passed and Samsung’s first Touchwiz enabled Android Phone, which is headed to T-Mobile, has been demoed in not one, not two, but a BUNDLE of videos – many of them coming directly from Samsung themselves.

By the way, apologies for the host’s embarrassing behavior in advance… I blushed just watching them:

I’m not really digging the 3D Cube – seems like fluff for the sake of fluff. The landscape QWERTY doesn’t look great either but we know there are 3rd party keyboard apps out there to solve this problem (Better Keyboard anyone)?

Here is a more “normal person” look at the phone:

Whaddaya think T-Mobilers, is the Behold 2 in your future?

[Via HDBlog, TMOnews]

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  1. I think I need CPU stats… Someone in the comments on the other site claimed a rep confirmed it’s not the 800mhz proc found in the moment. Anything less than that is definitely off my list. My t-mobile bill for my iphone 2g is already up there with my corp discount on the verizon droid plan. It’s becoming very difficult to wait and see what else is in store for the holiday season.

  2. Tmobile should be ashamed of the mediocrity of this phone! No one wants this TRASH! We want HERO,Droid,Droid Eris etc. We want innovativeness not Lameness.Tobile is the only coming out with lame ass phones.They trying their best to be the worst. And tmobile is doing a damn good job at it.I’ve had tmobile since 2003 and I’m on my last leg with them. I’m on a 2 year contract and I’m willing to cancel my service to get a better phone. It seems as though tmobile is trying to cater to the teens. They are trying cater to the adults paying the bills. We want a beast of smart phone. I’ve had the g1 since it came out. I love this phone. Then the disrespected and the rest of the tmobile phone junkies with the mytouch. Its the same damn thing as the g1 minus the keyboard.tmobile needs to step there game up. They get the droid with a beautiful ui(sense),while we get the behold and some gimmicky trash(touch wiz). Who the hell is choosings tmobiles phones. Whom ever it is needs to be fired!! Thank you for making me want to cancel and pay the etf to goto a far superior phone company.

  3. I just left tmobile for many of these same reasons last week. (Went to Sprint with the Hero) I was also a long-tome customer, and am disappointed with the new plans. All I really wanted was a 3.5″ headphone jack. Was that too much to ask?

  4. I thought “cube” navigation was the worst idea ever … until seeing the guy they picked to promote it.

    Mediocre phone. Absolute garbage interface. And a schlocky 1980’s-style promotion campaign.


  5. @coolMANDINGO
    I’d have to agree with you. I’d been waiting forever to get a decent Android phone from t-mobile, it just doesn’t seem it’s in the cards. If you can wait until February perhaps t-mobile will pick up the x10 (doubtful). I couldn’t wait any longer, picked up a Droid for myself and a Droid Eris for my wife and we are extremely happy with them. Sucks that I have to pay a $200 ETF, but for a phandroid like me, it was well worth it!

  6. Everything has pretty much been said so far. I’m in the same position. I’m ready to leave tmobile for a better phone and off contract so I could do it today. Which, is tempting. If I was willing to pocket the extra VZ bills over 24 month, an absurd amount if you ask me. I’d be with them. For now, more waiting till closer to the holidays and then I make my decision. So far, looks like tmobile will be no more for me.

  7. teen-mobile
    An android phone for everyone. Even them :)

  8. I think your all being a little harsh on this phone, and especially T-Mobile.. How soon (merely a matter of days really) you forget, that T-Mobile was the only one willing to supply Android phones in the US.. Leaving T-Mobile because they don’t “have the phones” that’s just rich, considering the state of things a few weeks ago. This phone, and the Cliq, and the myTouch, and yes the G1, are all great phones in their own right.. These phones are the best in the store.. Perhaps they are not the “top dog” any more, but they are still great phones to own.. As to this Samsung phone, I don’t see anything wrong with it.. The Cube thing is just a gadget, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to.

  9. The last video made by some random kid is much more informative than the silly promo video’s. The Behold II looks nice, I need to know the stats before I will consider it.

  10. Wow, this guy is quite the comedian…

  11. personally i like the phone and besides i usually put roms on my phone anyway so behold 2 + hero rom = droid eris

  12. ugly UI + ugly design = FAIl

  13. That guy is a tool. It hurts to watch.

  14. Dennis is right that these phones are great “in their own right”. But my GOD its impossible to overlook the fact that TMO has just 2 new stinking Android phones since their first one over a year and a half ago (or more i dont remember). Thats THREE total phones in a year and a half or more and the second was absolutely NO improvement over the first (ROM doesnt count, the g1 should be ashamed)And now their competition steps in and the VERY FIRST phone that each one of them puts out is superior in EVERY way to TMO’s 3 existing phones as well as the phones they HAVENT EVEN RELEASED YET!!! Its frustrating to be the customer of such a narrow minded, incompetent company. The phones they havent even gotten out yet are already obsolete…ill repeat that in all caps, THE FIRST ANDROID PHONES THAT VERIZON AND SPRINT OFFER PUT TO SHAME AND RENDERED OBSOLETE NOT ONLY THE 3 EXISTING TMO ANDROIDS BUT EVEN THE ONES THEY HAVENT EVEN RELEASED YET!!! Its as though TMO operates in its own little world, marveling at Google’s Android and patting themselves on the back instead of keeping tabs on their competition as they offer up what ostensibly appears to them to be cutting edge devices but which are, in reality, embarrassing to use in public unless you’re in junior school. sincerely, an ashamed MyTouch 3G owner.

  15. i hate samsung phones. the font samsung uses is ugly and terrible, the phones ALWAYS break, and the version of android they’re running on this phone looks more beta than stock android does. so no, i will not be buying this.

    isn’t it kind of sad that my year-old g1 is still better than this phone?

  16. forgot to mention that, in my experience, samsung makes its menus confusing and nonsensical, often putting stuff where it doesn’t belong.

  17. Tmobile just nees to learn understand we want fresh new phones. Not rehashes(mytouch).if anything the mytouch should’ve been the g1 if u ask me! I can’t lie,tmobile does have the best rates plans(for me atleast).i ve seen the other.the other companies are charging an arm and a leg and hand.I just wished that tmobile would smarten up on the decions they make on phones. Stop making phones for teens only. @ari-free.. it is teen-mobile. They might as well phase out the sidekicks because once the android takes over who’d want a dinosaur of a phone?I had a friend lose over 100 numbers in her sidekick because of the network malfunction. It sad that the device doesn’t even have a memory card.

    Why does tmobile persist to get the worst designed phones? If anyone knows the phone shoosing process please let me know because I don’t undestand tmobiles logic. Knowing tmobile they are going to come out with the htc h2(a win mo phone).which is the perfectly worst time ever. Everyone that has a g1 loves the openess of the device. Why go back to something has its own set widgets and screens?
    I want to stay with tmobile but if they keep fouling up I’m gone. I dred paying the etf. But atleast with other companies they give fresh and new. I will possibly be back when tmobile grows up!!

  18. Further more I can almost gurantee anyone that has a g1 doesn’t own a mytouch. If they are like me we check the specs. We see what the pros and cons are.I ordered the mytouch during the presale. I got the phone about 12pm. I open the box and did a few things to see what the differences were. Come to find out its the same damn phone minus the keyboard. I sent that phone back by 33pm.I’m not impressed with car chargers,phone cases,interchangeable backplates.it seems as though tmobile tried to give us a box of bullshit and some people fell for it. If I wanted all them extras I would’ve gotten them for my g1. Like I said before the mytouch should have been the g1,with a keyboard ofcourse!! Lol. The first thing I do every morning is check my phandroid news wigdet in hopes tmobile will announce a new device. And everyday I’m dissapointed!!!

  19. Well the hero will be on T-mobile as the G2 look it up and I have the Cliq which is just as good or better then the hero stuff runs faster on it 2 guys I work with have the hero on sprint and both are impressed with the cliq and this behold II the screen is so much better than all once you see it you will understand.

  20. tmobile jus came out w the CLIQ i love it !!!!! it has everything u need in one… we can even download the hero program on it ITS AWESOME !!

  21. reality, links please. prove where you heard about tmobile getting the hero and the g2 (which, as far as i know, is a phone that hasn’t been announced or leaked or anything)

  22. So the successor to the groundbreaking g1 is going to be a phone that Verizon and sprint will have already had for months? Even considering how uninformed and progress-stifling tmo’s decision making has been I refuse to believe they would do something like that. I refuse to believe that any media specialist like a mobile carrier could possibly be that out of touch. Its just not plausible….right?

  23. Although true a G1 user might see little or no reason to get a myTouch, that doesn’t make it a bad phone for those who were, like me, not a G1 user. In my case, I am just not that into texting.. so the onboard keyboard is just fine.. and actually an improvement over anything I have used for texting prior.. There is absolutely no shame involved in owning a myTouch. I don’t know where that comes from.. It would be like saying there is shame in owning a Magic.. You might be able to convince someone that a VW Rabbit is a “chick car” but you will never convince me that the myTouch is a “Teen phone”.

  24. I do like the MyTouch in and of itself. But it had a larger price tag than the Droid and the Hero. Thats like buying a hyundai and then having your best friend pull up next to you in a ferrari he paid LESS for. It just makes me feel duped, its very disappointing. It seems like TMO got a hold of Android and concocted this elaborate plan to slowly put out phones just a tiny bit better than the previous one, just better enough for someone to want it. And it seems that it never occurred to them that their competition might NOT milk their customers dry, that maybe by putting out 1 great phone, like ATT did they can concentrate their efforts and produce a real winner. Theres just no good argument that TMO can make for they way they are approaching the wave of the future.

  25. Hmmm a room full of ignorant forguessing spoken predominantly by people who seem to only be concerned with how cool the phone looks over functionality. I am posting this from my behold 2… and i must say i am both impressed and overly ecstatic with the performance of this phone. I agree the cube is unnecessary, but considering the complete use of notification plugins such as bluetooth and service switches and a flawless soft keyboard makes up for that. T-mobile has the android market cornered and anyone who leaves now to sprint or Verizon is seriously going to regret it! Especially now that the Hauwei phone and the Google Nexus One (hitting tmob first) are being released… Plus i a have a personally formed amalgamation of hero’s rosie and beholds touchwiz that is apparently running flawlessly and puts my roommates stock eris to shame in response tests and allows flash in browser (only a bit jerky on wifi)…p.s. 5Megapixel cam with flash and 3.5 mm headphone jack (do some research before talking trash)

  26. I’m going to have to agree with superiorintelect. Everyone is just talking plain trash. The Behold 2 currently holds the best android device offered by tmobile at the moment. The droid software integration with samsung interface are amazing, adding to the keyboard shortcuts, such as the “.com” button. We cant forget the OLED screen which is the same technology of the nexus one. compared to the LCD screens offered on most other phones, the OLED is thinner, lighter weigh, brighter, better viewing angles, use less power, and have better response time for video and animation. Also when playing games, you will feel the superiority. When tilting the screen, also its faster than the 2 second delay on mytouch. camera, 5mp with autofocus and flash.. Anyway, I’ll leave it at that.. Its already too much info for the small brains around the web!
    check out my bands webpage. search the web for falseta band out of miami florida! or youtube it!

  27. Well ithink this phone is great. I just upgraded my last phone to myfirst touch screen, and i have Fell completely in love with my behold two. Yea the keyboard is a little frustrating, but besides that i am addicted to this phone now.and for the record; i am a twenty one year old and i disagree with the comments made saying that this is a junior high type of phone.

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