T-Mobile and O2 Turned Down The Droid In UK


It seems to be the consensus that Verizon will be launching the best Android Phone to date when they unveil the Motorola Droid tomorrow – and some would even consider it the best phone of ALL phones. T-Mobile and O2 in the United Kingdom must have seen something different, or a high cost partnership price, because they had the opportunity to test the Droid 6 months ago and passed on the opportunity to include it in their product lineup.


Listen to what Head of Device Marketing Nicala Shenton had to say about the snub:

According to Shenton, they tested it six months ago, though it wasn’t running Android’s latest version of software, Éclair 2.0, at the time. She recalled that it was a “great phone, had a lot to offer” and that the software, even back then, was still used to the Droid’s advantage.

Even without 2.0 we found the Droid rather impressive and T3 seems to think the product just didn’t fit snugly into their current portfolio. If the UK will indeed enjoy the Droid that would mean Orange, Vodafone and 3 Mobile are vying for its services. We’ll let you know which – if any – of these 3 carriers seal the deal.

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  1. first.
    Wouldn’t com to 3 mobile because withouzt skypeclient not possible.

  2. @janus: Ok, please at least do some effort to write English.

    I’m wondering what Dutch companies will do, most of them don’t have a single Motorola in their collection. Hopefully they’ll change thei minds.

  3. Simple reason , they ( T Mobile and O2 ) are both selling the iPhone 3gs now. They probably have some partnership thing going on and don’t want Android eating up the market. I have a felling the Droid may come the Vodafone in the UK ( Doesn’t Verizon own Vodafone or vice-versa ?)

  4. Of course Tmo turned it down. Its too fast, has too much memory and its not built like a pack of cards. I am with Tmo and this really pisses me off. Tmos’ phones suck, who are the phone pickers anyway? The next decent phone from Tmo comes out 1Q 2010! Why not just call it the “Mayan” because it will be the last phone you will see on a Tmo contract when the Mayan calender ends in 2012.

  5. Droid will come as the MILESTONE to O2 in Germany…in Holland we do not have O2, and T-Mobile is the only one selling iPhone

  6. I’m Sorry somehow my Keyboard lost some letters on the way;)!
    But I hope for a friend of mine that the Droid/Milestone is coming for 3 Network because its a nice small carrier. And the Skypecontract are awesome. You can call every cellphone in the world for under 5cents ($). And if the Droid would be on 3 that means that there will be a usefull skypeclient for Android.

  7. dont know about ownership but vodafone & verizon are affiliates at least

  8. @Aliboy: Cellco Partnership does business as Verizon Wireless and is owned 55% by Verizon Communications and 45% by Vodafone

  9. Vodafone UK had an exclusive with the HTC Magic so they’ve at least got some Android love.

  10. Looks like I’m going to have to leave O2 then. I’ve been out of contract for over a year now so whoever gets me a great android phone gets my buisiness.

  11. I can’t believe it! :/ By all accounts this is the best android phone by miles… I’ve been holding out for a decent handset that actually does the OS justice.

    Does that mean I might as well give up and go for an iPhone afterall?

  12. Agggggh, it’s almost unbearable! I’ve been watching the Android story unfold since the introduction of the G1, quietly waiting for a phone that really piques my interest. And when one comes along, no-one in the UK wants to stock it. Gah!

  13. No no no no no! This is the worst news I’ve had for ages :(

    I love O2, I don’t want to leave, but I might have to because I so want this phone. Assuming it comes to the UK at all :(

  14. We never really got into querty sliders here in the UK. It’s one thumb texting for us or nothing. For that reason I don’t think the Milestone will be a big deal over here.

  15. Urgh. Would be crappy to have to go crawling back to Orange and their idiotic “Animal” tariffs, not to mention their stone-age attitude to data.

    Looks like I’ll have to shell out the big bucks for sim-free.

  16. Who cares if it doesnt come to specific carrier, just by the damn thing outright and use it on what ever network you like. I know I will!

  17. Matt is the only one with sence in this thread.

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