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nbaComing November 6 Android fans and NBA fans can go from checking out stats and scores to actually WATCHING NBA action!

The new NBA League Pass Mobile will allow NBA fans to go beyond stats and highlights to actually watching the game over Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Games are available for 48 hours after being played, there are DVR-like controls, push alerts and the ability to block everything out and simply enjoy the game. This great service comes with a price however. That Price? 39.99.

Also worth noting that the application will use the phones GPS ability to blackout home team content which might be a deal breaker for some – also, as with many video applications don’t expect flawless video over your 3G network – Wi-Fi will be preffered. However, for big time NBA fans it doesn’t get much better then having nearly every NBA game at your fingertips nearly anywhere you go.

For those of you with somewhat shallower pockets there are options  NBA Digital is also offering the NBA Game Time app in a paid version – 9.99 – and a free “Lite” version. The paid version offers live audio feeds for every game — including those in your local market — as well as stats, video highlights and push alerts. The free app has scores, standings and schedules.

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  1. You can’t watch your home team? WTF?

  2. Its a “Blackout rule” to help the home teams sell tickets.

    Same idea when the home team doesn’t sell out for the NFL season, the local TV stations are blacked out.

    If the home team is the “away” squad you should get that game.

  3. Couldnt you just disable your GPS?

  4. Ya Hunter, it’s ridiculous. It’s less about selling tickets and more about protecting the local stations. does the same thing. It makes this service completely useless to 90% of the people right out of the gate. That is, of course, if everyone reads the fine print.

  5. How much bandwidth are we talking about, to watch an NBA game on an Android cell phone?

    Oh, now I saw the part where you said video probably won’t play well over cell service.

  6. Yeah, can’t you just turn off gps? Also, is the $39.99 a one time thing, or is that the price every single season?

  7. Justin is correct – its about selling local tickets and then helping out affiliate local stations which rely on advertising and such – however, you likely will get many “home games” on your own TV, its the away games many of us have to worry about, especially fans of less “marquee” teams.

    Also – if you are a fan of an out of market team, or a general NBA fan this is a pretty decent deal.

    To Jake – this will likely be a yearly subscription service – think NBA League Pass or NFL Sunday Ticket on TV.

  8. 48 hours post-game and subject to black out rules make this nearly completely useless.

  9. AID

    The games LAST for 48 hours – meaning you could watch the game today, then tomorrow AND Friday. It actually gives you more time to watch the game and then re-watch if you would like.

    The blackout rules do put a damper on it for me – but I can also understand it.

  10. do want NHL games :(

  11. Someone needs to make an app that lets you change your GPS locations…lol

    And the NFL needs a cool app like this :)

  12. Someone needs to make an app that lets you change GPS locations.

    And we need a NFL app. It’s more important then basketball ;)

  13. @Lou
    No kidding. I wanna be able to keep tabs on Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, and so on. GO VIKINGS!!! (yes, I hail from Minnesota ^_^)

  14. there is already a better app out there called SPORTSTAP. get it. its way better than this. trust me. it does everything that this app does, but it does it for 9 differnt sports, and its free

  15. USELESS!!! Who in the right mind would want to watch a game 48 hours after they know the score!?!? I love football…but I wouldn’t even watch my teams game 48 hours after I knew the score! Unless it was the superbowl or something special like that! USELESS…but looks good anyways. Maybe they’ll change the delay later in the season when they realize NO ONE will spend $39.99 on old information.

  16. love to get NFL fieldpass app on android, then at least i can listen to games in bed (in the uk) rather that stay up allnight staring at the computer!

  17. Jonathan – I wouldn’t say that this is “useless” – remember the games are streamed LIVE and they are available for an ADDITIONAL 48 hours later.

  18. Colby – I recommend SportsTap as well, but I don’t think you comparing apples to apples here. This new NBA Live Application gives LIVE VIDEO of games rather then simply stats and score updates. I agree that the new app costs money (quite a bit in fact) and the blackout rules are frustrating but for big time NBA fans it doesn’t get any better.

  19. I hope and pray this app is released world wide, but i know they wont :(

  20. Yea why are people taking about football lol….This is live NBA action we’re talking about here….I love basketball & am thinking about buying it…..LAKERS Okaaaayyy

  21. I’m glad my home team is the Cleveland Cavaliers!….NO BLACKOUTS FOR ME! ! ! …..The Big Aristotle and King James will be Android bound for me en route to their 1st NBA Championship in Cleveland! ! ! ! !

  22. David…haha…I guess I misread it…okay that’s better :-) USEFULL is what I should have said!

  23. There is an NFL app for teh android, but it’s only available on Sprint Wireless due to the fact that they pay out the rear to be the NFL’s exclusive wireless sponsor. And yes, you can watch the game live as well as watch NFL network live.

  24. Where is this app? I don’t see it anywhere.

  25. I don’t see this app either… currently using a VZW Droid.

  26. Im using the Droid too, And i cant find this app in the market.. And I really want it!

  27. Need this on the Droid. But I think I’ve read that its only available on iPhone and android 1.6

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