Verizon Opening 6AM For Motorola Droid & Eris Launch Day?


If you’re not pondering the possibility of picking up your Motorola Droid at Best Buy early and are eager to go directly to the Big Red retailer to pick it up, pencil in 6AM on your calendar. That is the time that a BGR contact is reporting stores will open on November 6th to being sales of the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris.


Of course if you want to ENSURE you get a phone… you might have to lineup a little early. How early are you willing to arrive is the question? Or will you snap it up online? The comments await you.

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  1. I don’t do early-morning, long lines, and especially mail-in rebates. Online it is. And since the craze will be the Droid, I doubt I’ll have a problem getting my hands on an Eris before (if) they go out of stock.

  2. I just went and pre-order my droid at bestbuy and the lady told me and showed me email saying Htc droid eris will be available on NOV 6th as well. She could not find the email showing the price of the eris but I did physically see the email saying droid eris coming on the 6th of November

  3. I wonder if it will be on the VZW web site when the clock strikes 12:01 AM on Nov. 6.

  4. sully,

    i believe it will.

  5. best buy is taking pre orders… $50 down, $150 day of pick up (with my “renew for two” savings)…

  6. my local verizon is not taking pre-orders. ouch, i cannot get up early in the morning.

  7. I have a friend that works at a verizon store…. but he’s like 1.5 hrs away…. hmmm….

    Do you think employees are allowed to hide one to hold for someone until they can get there…? =D

  8. I just stopped by my local VZW store to check on my company’s corporate rate. Turns out the corporate is actually more expensive, weird. The cool thing is the rep I talked to asked me if I wanted to be added to their list to make sure I have one reserved for me when it is released and would call me let me know it was in! I don’t know if every store is doing this but it is worth a check.

  9. (I put this in a previous thread, so delete if you feel it’s redundant/spammish) I spoke to a VZW rep today about this. They’ll be opening at 7am, not 6am. Of course, this may be and likely is dependent on the market region. I’m talking about the Tampa Bay area here.

  10. i wound if every vzw stores is going to have the droid in stock by nov.6 ???

  11. Sully, DroidDoes on twitter says it will be online by 12:30 am EST.

  12. Thanks mkibrick, Staying up late is a lot easier then getting up early. Gnob tell that VZW rep he’ll have to get his ars to the store earlier then 7 on that day. If those guys work on comish then they’ll want to be the guy turning the key that day.

  13. Preorder it at Best Buy…I’ll sleep in and pick it up later ;)

  14. Ok…whatever android phone I go with I am going to need 2 phones and a family plan.

    Does anyone know if I can get the basic 700 min family plan with two Droids, or do they require a higher plan? That would put me at about $129/month with data for both phones i think. If I have to go with the higher plans at $160/month then I may be looking at Sprint.

  15. I think you would be at $120 with 700 minutes and unlimited text and data on two phones with the cheapest family plan. The next step is $140 with 1400 minutes and unlimited text and data, plus 10 friends and family numbers. My question is can you move up in plans mid contract and then move down again? If that’s the case then I’m getting the $120 plan and then moving up a week later to the $140 plan. That will allow me to go back to the $120 if I’m not using that many minutes on average.

  16. Hey is there a UK version of Droid?

  17. Is best buy definitely going to have them instock on the 6th?

  18. I went a preordered at BestBuy. It is simple. I get a $50 gift card purchase to hold a Droid for me. I can use the $50 gift card to buy Dragon Age Origins, skip out on the preorder, and get the Droid at VZW if they are open at 6AM. Since I go to work before then any way, it is no big deal.

  19. Moe, you have to pay the $50 to get the gift card. You pay $50 for a deposit which you get in the form of a gift card. you can then use that gift card toward the price of the Droid. They won’t just give you a $50 gift card if you’re pre-ordering.

  20. I called three VZW stores in my area and none would take reservations for the Droid. Hello, BestBuy…and I also don’t have to wait for the rebate, so it’s a better deal all around.

  21. My local VZW is not opening until 8am CST. 1 hour early.

    I’ll be there at 7 to make sure I get my hands on the Droid.

  22. On the bright side, a 6am opening should mean less people lined up outside when I get there. Think I’ll get me some Dunkin Donuts and coffee and be waiting there at 5.

  23. All i need to know is if the online ordering and the instore price will be the same. Last time i renewed my new every 2 plan, they were gonna charge me $100 more in store than the online price! If thats the case, no thanks, i just order online an keep that extra 100 in my own pocket!

  24. i can’t see how a store could get away with charging more than online. If they do, call and complain…I would ! As for me, I am going to my local Verizon store here in Columbia,MD at 6am and waiting for the doors to open ! None of you better be there before me !!!! This way, I will have a little time to play before I have t go into work.

  25. @ DroidNewbi

    Believe it, cause they do it.

  26. I had some time to kill so I went to best buy and ended up reserving the droid, they told me they might start selling earlier than other stores like they did with the hero, and that there were only two people who had reserved a phone as well. After that on my way home i stopped by verizon to see if they had anything going. Obviously they didnt. The sales rep said they were keeping hush about it, and he wasnt worried about selling out.

  27. My local store is also taking down names of those interested in purchasing the phone. I assume that this is their preorder list..I will go and talk to them again on Monday to make sure. :)

  28. I went into my local VZW store (Ashburn, VA) and they said they were not taking pre-orders and not opening early. I wonder if there will be a line before they do open @ 10am.

  29. Just stopped by my local VZW store. They either:
    A. Don’t know Shit
    B. We’re told not to give out any info on the droid.

    They claimed that “they don’t know any hardware pricing yet”, even though the web is filled with “official droid pricing” quotes left and right.

    Second, they said I can use my new every two discount towards the droid.

    Third, they told me they would open early on the 6th, but they don’t know what time.

    Fourth, also went to Best Buy, who told me they don’t honor the new ever two discount, but they were taking pre-orders.

    So, My dilemma is this. I don’t want to wait in line for the phone, which will likely happen if I got to the VZW store. And if they try to screw me with pricing because “they don’t know the pricing” or not give me the new every two discount I will be PISSED.

    That said, I will be throwing away 50 bucks in order to get it at best buy. hmmm. Looking like going to verizon early might be what I have to do.

  30. Darek, I feel your pain. Last month I walked into a VZW store to have a number transfered to an old phone. The guy behind the counter told me I could get a new phone. I told him I was waiting for an Android phone. He looked me right in the face and said ” What’s an Android phone?”. I think I’ll be going on line come Friday at 12:30 AM

  31. does vzw store reps are just their to collect a check at the end of the week they look like headless chickins every time i visit my local vzwstore.

  32. I’m not quite sure what VZW stores you guys are going to, but I had a very pleasant lady take my name and add to a list they were keeping on outlook, told me that they would call when they got stock in to confirm that they were holding one, that they were not opening early, and that they had a Droid in the store that they were all playing with and loving. Maybe I just have a good store nearby.

  33. The VZW corporate store in Frisco Texas will be releasing both Droids at Midnight. They will reopen their doors at 11 pm on November 5th so they can start handing out numbers. They will also be doing a drawing to give away 3 FREE droids. Once its midnight they will start selling out droids. They will be getting additional inventory since they are a location offering the midnight release.
    Be the first to get the DROID in DFW!
    Store phone # is 972-668-5790

  34. I called a vzw rep today and they said best buy won’t give me my new-every-two discount of $100 (which BB confirmed). I’d rather pay $99.99 (after mail-in rebate) than $199.99 just to get the phone the day it comes out.

  35. Would Best Buy honor my “new every 2” discount? Meaning I would get 100 mailin rebate and 100 dollars of the phone for “new every 2”?

  36. Doh. Didnt see previous post.

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