iDon’t Care: Apple Fanboy Rebuttal [VIDEO]


You know the Verizon Wireless Droid Does campaign/commercial? If not, you should know that it directly targets the iPhone and you can see it below:

A couple Apple fanboys made a “spoof commercial”, the geeky equivalent of a battle rap, and posted it to where else? The interwebz:

I’d like to make a few points:

  • Regardless of EVERYTHING, Verizon obviously got your attention and the attention of a lot of other people. They stirred up emotions… enough to provoke this. Mission accomplished.
  • iDon’t need vague information: It’s called buzz marketing/advertising. Ask Steve Jobs… I’ll admit he knows a little about that. The details are all out there now so… what is vague?
  • iDon’t need scare tactics: if you’re scared by that commercial than YOU my friend… are a d-…. I’ll leave it go
  • iDon’t need to imitate: since when does Apple have a corner on everything smartphone? If anyone does anything good, Apple fanboys say its imitating. Last time I checked Android was in development before the iPhone ever came out. Full keyboard? MicroSD? Camera with flash? The commercial is an imitation… but then again yours is an imitation of an imitation.
  • iDon’t need a droid unless it’s R2D2: check.
  • iDont’ have a problem with iTunes: neither do we, just Apple locking it up for syncing purposes.
  • iDon’t buy brands who bash other brands: yes you do, you just don’t know it. It’s a cold hard world of scare tactics and negative advertising – get used to it – this one isn’t even bad just picking fun. The “there’s a Map for that?” BRILLIANT!

And just after saying you don’t buy brands who bash other brands you show the I’m A Mac and I’m A PC commercial clip… HELLO? HELLO? EARTH TO YOURSELF?

And to top it off you finish with “iOops… iCame First”

That’s what she said

Seriously though, funny little rebuttal ad and props to the guys who put it together. We ARE talking about phones so put it in perspective and have a little fun!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. The “That’s what she said” is exactly what I thought when I first saw that retal.

  2. I’ll repeat here what I said on Engadget some time ago. I don’t have a problem with the iPhone. I used to be a dedicated Apple user for years until circumstances required me to go PC only. I think Apple has great design. Many of my friends have iPods and iPhones and they don’t castigate me for not having or wanting an iPhone (in fact, one has asked me about looking at my Droid when I get it, but that’s a different thing).

    No, what i have a problem with are iTards, the holier-than-thou coffee shop trolls who seem to think an Apple EULA is a license to be a hipster idiot who anything not dealing with Cupertino is a holocaust short of nuclear war. People have to keep in mind, these are just products, not the stuff of life.

    Sadly, I’m starting to see Droidheads now who are becoming just as bad as the iTards. Guys, these are just products. This is just a minor choice in the scheme of things. Let Apple fans (not fanboys, fans) have their choice and we can have ours. No need for mudslinging.

  3. I think the iOops was recognition of the brand bashing statement being false, an attempt at a tounge-in-cheek admission maybe the iPhone isn’t so different from the things they are knocking the Droid commercial for. Maybe I’m just reading in to it though…?

  4. lol scare tactics?

  5. Rob wrote something interesting above: “These just products.” Yes, it’s true that the Droid is merely a product, as is the iPhone. It’s equally true that it’s asinine to be chauvinistically-devoted to a product. But it’s important to remember that Android as an operating system is more than a product. It’s representative of a movement – open source – and a foundational shift in the way software for mobile phones is developed. True, Joe Consumer doesn’t give a rodent’s hind-end about open vs. closed-source, but he does care about features. And Android potentially represents the beginning of the end of restrictive carrier practices, feature lock-out and vendor lock-in. Maybe Verizon’s CEO said it best: “Either you have an open device, or you don’t.”

    People love their phones, and their computers, and whatever – but anything-else-is-clearly-inferior attitudes toward products (essentially fanboyism) are not the same thing as ideological devotion to the ideal of openness.

  6. You know Rob is from B-More when….he says battle raps lol!! Your the man…..

    oh yea, GO PHILLIES!

  7. Rob, I agree completely with your assessment of iTards. Some would also call them Apple Fanboys. I’m primarily a MS user, and I fully acknowledge that MS often has short comings, and often acts (as Google would say) evil.

    I’ve never been completely happy with an Apple OS. In general it always makes me feel restricted and limited. Perhaps this is just due to not being familiar with OSX in general, though.

    Also, they should have said ‘iDon’t buy brands that don’t have little pictures of fruit on them.’

  8. my favorite part of that video is the ‘oops i came first’
    not the first time thats happened, eh, apple zombie? lol

  9. Come on, that was really funny. I LOLed with the iOops…

  10. Oh yeah I am not sure this is an balant Apple Fanboy, just some guy having some fun.

    The guy who owns the domain is a Techcrunch user.


    Find (Ctrl+F) for Jonathan Dusing

  11. The person who made this video must not know about the Mac ad campaign that’s been going on for the past few years. Good job Apple fans, very Genius of you.

  12. Yeah, I think you missed the joke there. The “i…Oops” was in reference to the “iDon’t buy brands who bash other brands” comment followed by the PC-bashing commercial.
    Anyway, fun stuff. Can’t wait to buy my Droid on the 6th!

  13. I’m just tired of everyone comparing everything to the iPhone…

  14. @medicdave
    Moreover, Android is the hope for a much needed standard platform for smart phones.

  15. Am I the only one who is sick of iPhone-haters and iPhonefanboy bashing eachother. Okay its quite amusing and I have to say that Im more sick of the term “iPhonekiller”. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like the iPhone but I accept it as a nice Smartphone with some pretty good ideas in it. But and hopefully all rational people will agree with me, the only thing that can kill the iphone is another new iPhone. And I don’t care. The Droid is a remarkable phone and Im really looking forward to it.
    But stop comparing everything to the Iphone maybe there are people on this planet who like to choose between stuff.
    Because everybody copiing the iPhone is just comunism… just kiddin’

    So lets hope for the Droid’s coming to germany soon because some german guy is crapping his pants…

  16. @Kyanro- the problem with every phone coming out is that the users compare it to the iphone. I dont happen to like the iphone or itunes but I do like android and the direction it is heading. Verizon has not stated the android line will destroy the iphone… but rather some people using android. Its all about what fits each person best, however with that being said I am not about use a product that takes 2+ hrs to sync with itunes! In my opinion itunes is what is turning me away from apple not the iphone or fanboys lol. I had a 16bg ipod touch and it has taken me 2+ hours before to sync it with itunes (even though I only had about 5gb stored on it and was trying to add 5-8 songs to it) itunes= death of iphone for me personally. I have sold all of my apple products (ipods) to make room for droid! :) happy shoppin to all

  17. Boring and failed video. I feel embarrassed looking at it. Please don’t give this any more attention

  18. @medicdave:

    Oh, I’m quite in agreement with rabidly embracing open-source ideology (as long as it doesn’t get turned into another bashfest). Great things have come from open source and great things have come from closed source. In my business, I use a mixture of both kinds of software, and I believe that’s better for me as a consumer overall as well as my clients.

    My fear is when people get so horribly wrapped up about it that they forget about it in the grand scheme of things. To tout Android as a grand step in software is good. To say (as someone did on another venue regarding a non-Android phone being released) “Who gives a fuck about [other phone]? DROID FTW!!” and similar comments is no different than the person who thinks people who don’t want iPhones are utter morons. They are all products, they all serve various niches, and the philosophies behind them have their blessings and detractions.

  19. @iHEART_android:

    Actually, the only people I’ve heard using the “iPhone Killer” statement are iTards. Nobody else.

  20. I’m pretty sure the iOops was regarding (as Colin said) the fact that Apple does indeed do it’s share of bashing. So I think that kind of brings this a notch down from fan(boy)aticism and makes it just a funny fan parody.

    That said, I can’t wait until next Friday!

  21. iTards…never heard that one before, but like it. They laugh when the Mac vs PC commercials air, but they can’t take it when they have *real* competition that has the clout to poke them back. I have a friend who took offense when I told him I found the Droid to have more usable features that I wanted than the iPhone. It struck a nerve and I haven’t stopped hearing iExcuses ever since! They are scared that the holy grail just might be dethroned.

    I just told him the iPhone was a very good gen 1 smart phone device but time rolls on and gen 2 is here :)

  22. in 1980 i bought an atari 800 instead of an apple 2.

    the reason i did was the apple guy tried to tell me i’d be cooler with an apple than an atari.

    i bought the atari.

    a piece of electronic hardware is primarily a tool for me.

    i use my g-1 as a phone and as a tool to enhance my life by doing tasks better than i can get them done otherwise.

    looks like next october or maybe sooner (ya never know) i’ll buy my next top of the line, state of the art, android.

    simply because it works like a pair of baby visegrip pliers instead of a leatheman.

  23. i have to agree with medicdave. as an android fan, the only frustration i experience is the fact that i cant make people see the greatness of the android movement. this is greatly due to the fact that their eyes have been closed by the ingenious campaign by apple.
    it is an apple tactic to create fanboys. that is the cheapest and most influential advertising available. and the reason the so said “droidheads” are beginning to emerge is because of the frustration we experience due to our inability to open the apple-sheep’s eyes.

  24. OMG! Why can’t ppl see that this was infact not made by apple fanboys. Get the irony… geeeeeeeees…. besides that it’s also old news….

  25. lawlz, apple fan boys remind Scientology to me.

  26. ohhh that’s so cute apple fan boys, i wish i can squeeze your face cheeks you little cute ones

  27. lol the “I’m A Mac and I’m A PC commercial clip… HELLO? HELLO? EARTH TO YOURSELF?” was totaly what I was thinking…

  28. Thank You, Rob for telling it how it is.Also , to anyone who thinks Android!, is just a phone, wake the f!@*k up. To all the rotten apples you bring your apples perched on a leopard and I will bring my delicious snacks with my robot and Lucas and the gang and we will see who wins. On a finalnote/rant it’s not just phones, its about choices and standing behind them which in reality is about character or in appleland your lack there of

  29. @ iHEART_android- I personally love the iPhone. It is a great innovation and is a wonderful device. It’s just not the device for me. Its just hard to hear about any phone anymore without it being compared to the iPhone. All the iPhone lovers also claim that the iPhone was the first to do this and that, while if they had any other smartphones before the iPhone, those were standard features.

    /rant go android


    good point lol

  31. lol man rob u make my day i cood be havin a hell of a bad day and you cood make me happy wit sayin sum stuff like thats what she said that made me crack up man no joke your funny, that video was super stupid though like wut a bunch of little stubbed vagina fagets that they had to make a rebuttal cuz sumthin is finally better then the iphone it was bound to happen sum day whether it was android or not iphone cant be number 1 for ever i think they should just qwit cryin and admit defeat android was the underdog for the first year and now the underdogs on top

  32. The thing is, no matter what. Everyone is looking at the “iWant one” factor of the iPhone, secretly want an iPhone. Look at it this way
    iPhone : sexy dumb blonde. Totally not! the “Right One” iWant it anyway
    iGot every other Phone : not so pretty. So right for me, iNeed you

    Ps iHave a G1. iLove my G1. iStill want an iPhone.
    Open source all the way baby.

  33. If i may say , I love my g1,but i had an iphone before I got my Hans on my g1 and I haven’tlook back .
    My first fone I ever hack was an iPhone .but my first
    Ever fone to hack and like what I had my g1 .think enough said .

  34. What ‘Open’ really means that if you get a Droid and you buy all these android apps and 6 months down the road you find another company’s phone that’s better, you don’t have to throw all those apps out and get new ones.
    In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if someone gets Android to run on the iPhone.

  35. One thing that is nice about the Iphone which apple does not fully disclose is that it is really a 600-900+ dollar phone that they are selling WAY under cost. But they more than make up for it with the app store. Given it being such an expensive device theres no wonder why current devices cannot keep up, granted there are several upcoming devices that will surpass the Iphone.

    PS: the Iphone is great, but i have NEVER owned anything that froze up, froze up, crashed, fried up (battery), froze up, blah blah blah, Regardless I’v had problems with it, As soon as att has a decent alternative im switching, att is the only service with coverage here so im stuck.

  36. It’s funny. The iDon’t bash others is hilarious.

    The iPhone kicks ass. It’s a choice between to awesome models, it’s a win-win!

    (btw I chose Droid)

  37. It’s somewhat disappointing that the irony of the video appears to be completely lost on so many people here (including the OP). As a few have already pointed out, this is a self-deprecating video that pokes fun at both Verizon and Apple (or more accurately, the fanboys on both sides of the “battle line”).

  38. It is quite funny! However, last night, there was a guy in the pub with an iPhone and he dropped it. No big deal you may think, however the screen just shattered! I’ve dropped my Moto hundreds of times and yet, no destruction!

    Moral of the story, buy something built well!

  39. ‘The commercial is an imitation… but then again yours is an imitation of an imitation.’ A simulacrum, if you will.

    I know big words LOL!

  40. You the man ROB thats all I have to say!!!

  41. “iDon’t buy brands who bash other brands”

    Yeah… because those Mac vs PC commercials totally don’t bash Microsoft. Fail!

  42. Nothing new.
    We know they dont care and we pity the fools.

  43. OK,

    i put this together in my mind,

    PART 1

    Droid only works in US
    Droid keyboard isn’t great
    Droid isn’t as fast as the iPhone
    Droid doesn’t have as many apps

    Iphone is on a shit network
    Iphone has a crappy camera
    Iphone only has built in memory and battery

  44. PART 2

    Whats more important to you as a consumer?

    A bulkier phone with a great camera and real keyboard

    or A lighter phone with no such a good camera

    its that simple, sure there is other stuff, iphone is fast, droid runs simoltanious(i cant spelL) apps.

    but heres the truth, they are both strong in there own ways, if you travel the world you may want to think twice about getting the droid. if you hate planes like me then you may want to think twice about the iphone.

    That being said, this phone should cause the next iPhone to have a camera with flash, faster higher quality processor, ability to run simoltanious apps(again cant spell) and be available to all US carriers. Summer couldn’t come soon enough as thats when it will be avaialble.

  45. who is scared of iTunes???? Its called Double Twist! haha gosh, ignorance tends to piss me off haha

  46. @DBest1

    Nope, sorry. I don’t want an IPhone.

  47. have you seen rating of those videos ?

  48. hey steve … “Droid only works in US” ?? ehm, here in germany, is droid available TOO, but its name is Motorola Milestone (and fully supports GSM network)

  49. the iPhone are good but not the best but no body can kill the best apple product

  50. Personally I prefer the iphone (I’m currently writing this using my HTC magic, which is ok, but not great). I’m sure Google will continue to make good steps forward (after all, they have money, great proprietary apps to bundle and are investing for the long run). The question is: will Apple’s next iteration continue to stay a step ahead? Interesting to observe how immature many people are with the whole anti-iphone thing. Ultimately several serious players is a good thing, all consumers benefit from increased innovation and different products will better fit different budgets and preferences. I’m looking forward to trying out Vodafone 360 – seems great.

  51. What someone needs to study is how Apple creates so much loyalty to their products. I mean, you would never see that kind of loyalty to any other product. As an advertising manager, I wish I could create the “fanboy” attitude about my product. I’ve never seen it applied to any other product like Apple…that includes Android. Android has a real uphill battle taking on a Goliath like Apple and it’s band of loyalists.

  52. What does the iphone do better?? I admit that the phone looks a lot better… I have the Sprint HTC Hero Google phone… and I must admit that it is not a bad looking phone for a much lower price… The iphones best app is the Video cam right??? but we all know why that is…

    In my opinion I think Android caught Apple by surprise. The reason I say that is because I don’t think they anticipated on so many more touch screen phones to come out… At first it didn’t bother Apple because none of them had the capabilities of the iphone. Why can I play blu ray movies on my phone??

    To be completely honest with you the only thing I feel that my phone lacks is a tv-out capablity… I mean who knows, maybe someone will come up with a Free App??

    But Android phones does everything the iphone does and more… the only reason the webcam is the number one selling app is because Apple puts out products with capabilities of doing just about everything, but they lock them… like the video cam for example… why would you sell that as an app?? Or who wants an ipad without wifi? why buy an ipad when you can buy an Archos 5 or 7 much cheaper with wifi capabilities…

    Why is Apple suing HTC for usage of patents? Why is the best app for the Android so much better than any app for the iphone… just in case you are wondering, check out Jetflicks… you will probably be upset when you see that we can view the entire series of your favorite show…

    How come I can watch a movie on my HTC Hero and talk on the phone at the same time. the same with the music… and the same with any video game, and just about any program…

    Why is it so easy to install programs on the Android phone? why is it so much easier to uninstall programs? why is it so easy to access the market on the android phone? Why am I able to access my my email accounts just by sliding to another screen?? why are there like 7 screens on my HTC Hero? Why is there an advanced taskiller on my droid… Wait never mind, it’s because the iphone does not multitask… why are my apps so much cheaper even though I paid a lower price??? please someone tell me…. why does my phone have flash? why is flash not included with the ipad??

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