Oct 22nd, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:26 pm

The Motorola Droid will probably be announced on October 28th, but it seems 3rd party retailer Best Buy Mobile is already stocking up on the device. According to internal Best Buy screenshots obtained by PhoneArena, a Verizon phone listed as the Motorola Sholes (yeah mmk) will be arriving to Best Buy on Saturday, October 24th and will cost consumers a pretty penny – $599:





Let’s get a few things clear:

  • Classified as rumor
  • If it’s true it DOES NOT mean Best Buy will start selling the Droid on the 24th… only that they’ll be receiving shipments of the phone
  • If they DO start getting shipments on the 24th, we’re definitely going to be seeing more spy shots/videos before the 28th
  • Feel free to anonymously send us those spy shots/videos ;)

What do you think folks… $599 without a contract – go or no go? What do you think that says about the Verizon 2-year contract with rebate price? Step right up and take your guess!

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