Oct 22nd, 2009

If you’re the type that likes to root your device, mod it, hack around and really dive into the guts of Android then you’ll be happy to know that HTC has just made public the HTC Hero Kernel Source Code on their developer website. This is hugely important because up until now only the ADP1, Dream and Magic souce were available – all phones without the famed HTC Sense.


Uhohs… me-thinks the folks at XDA are going to have a field day on this one! If you’re wondering what the heck all this kernel talk is about – someone else already asked that question and got an answer. Guess where? Yup… XDA:

The Question

Was hoping someone could ( simplistically ) answer a few question for me.

As I understand it – one of the things holding back development of Hero ROMS is that HTC haven’t released the kernel for the Hero.

1) What exactly IS the kernel in the greater scheme of things?
2) When are HTC likely to release it?
3) When it is released, what new things will it allow developers to do?
4) Anything else relevant to it worth knowing?

Answer? (from arkhonic)

1. The kernel is the Operating System for the phone, it runs everything.
2. That is the magic question…
3. It’ll allow more development in terms of mods. we’ll be able to change alot more and get more out of the phones.

I will go ahead and answer the last one myself: (4) It is worth knowing that the magic question has been answered! If you want to pick up where these guys left off, as in just knowing/learning the Hero kernel was released, pick up the convo at Page 12.

[Thanks John and Thomas!]