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The folks at HDblog.it took their Samsung Galaxy and fashioned it with a little something special – a custom baked version of HTC Sense. They must have known we wanted to watch because they recorded the video in English:

It is unclear whether this ROM makes use of the actual HTC Sense software or whether it simply imitates/mimics it. Apparently it is based on the XXII5 ROM which is an update to the i7500 so I’m INCLINED to believe that this particular modification does just that – modifies the Galaxy to look like Sense in some ways. Things like pinch and zoom in the browser, scenes, HTC widgets and the like are left out… but we all know about the recent complications regarding that.

Wouldn’t want to forget giving credit to Drazak as their post indicates the ROM was made by Drazak in collaboration with HDblog. I have an EMail into them asking whether this just imitates Sense or utilizes actual Sense features… we shall see!

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  1. Looks to me like it is just a theme as opposed to a Sense UI ROM. The random cutting in the video only strengthens my suspicion.

    To be fair, there are a ton of these for the Dream/Magic, but it is the first I have personally seen for the Galaxy. It looks pretty decent.

    It will be interesting to see where/how the development for Android branches off once HTC isn’t the only major player in Android handsets.

  2. Certainly looks like theme. Sense is very different compared to this.

  3. Yeah, that definitely looks like a theme, and nothing more. I wish I could get my hands on a Galaxy, then I could get an actual Hero ROM running on it. ;P

  4. Definatly not HTC Sense rom. Note no multitouch and the people screens.

    HTC should be proud that others want to mimic their skin.

  5. this guys an idiot, thats not sense its a rooted galaxy with pretty widgets on the market for the hero “style” clock and with the “old” version of this community hero mix theme, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=541242, and they figured out how to port some things from sense, like flash, everything else is stuff you can purchase from the market

  6. When he was sorting contacts, company, address, IM, etc., was that specific to HTC Sense or was that an app? (Minute 4:49-4:55)

  7. Um, yeah, that’s not even close to HTC’s Sense. Please don’t say it’s that. Sense is a lot more than just the slick home screen interface. It’s also multi-touch, the greatly-enhanced virtual keyboard, the unbelievable integration between contacts/email/messages/facebook/etc., and so on. It’s a complete package, not just a theme. This is about as much of the real Sense as the first Chinese iPhone knockoff (the miniOne, I believe it was called).

  8. I confirm it’s only a theme for android.

    And so far, except if someone make a huge improvement on the touchscreen driver, the galaxy doesn’t support multitouch at all.

  9. This is the way a phone is supposed to look like if you want to make it attractive to the end customer. The same goes for the HTC Sense of course. All the other Android phones simply look old-fashioned. I wonder if every phone maker needs to come up with their own ROM / theme or if Google also puts some effort in improving the Android style in general. Also, when will Samsung port their really cool phones (like the Omnia HD or the JET) to Android instead of running them on Symbian? Is this because Symbian still has an edge over Android or does it simply take a while for Samsung to port all the Hardware drivers? Besides that I only see Android running on small screen sizes. Are their any 3.5″ phones available yet?

  10. It’s just a theme. The flip clock widget is from beautiful widgets

  11. There are a number of comments here stating that it cannot be Sense as there si no multitouch. At the beginning of the video he compares the Galaxy to teh HTC Tattoo which, even though it is Sense, also does not support multitouch…

    I’m still contemplating Galaxy or Tattoo? Apparently the battery of the galagy empties faster than a cool pint on a summer day!


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