Oct 16th, 2009

The folks at HDblog.it took their Samsung Galaxy and fashioned it with a little something special – a custom baked version of HTC Sense. They must have known we wanted to watch because they recorded the video in English:

It is unclear whether this ROM makes use of the actual HTC Sense software or whether it simply imitates/mimics it. Apparently it is based on the XXII5 ROM which is an update to the i7500 so I’m INCLINED to believe that this particular modification does just that – modifies the Galaxy to look like Sense in some ways. Things like pinch and zoom in the browser, scenes, HTC widgets and the like are left out… but we all know about the recent complications regarding that.

Wouldn’t want to forget giving credit to Drazak as their post indicates the ROM was made by Drazak in collaboration with HDblog. I have an EMail into them asking whether this just imitates Sense or utilizes actual Sense features… we shall see!

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