Samsung Galaxy Promo: Multi-Tasking Extraordinaire


A new “day in the life” video promo has been spotted for the Samsung Galaxy and its rather original. I definitely like the low-tech approach to highlight a high-tech device and its kind of just “fun” in general:

The tipster who sent this in (Thanks Nico!) explained it (or translated it) best:

New viral video promoting the Samsung Galaxy and its multitasking feature . The video shows a day in the life of a man, from the moment he wakes up until the end of the day, whether for work or play. A day to take up on all roles, to do everything at once, or almost: to please his wife, his son, his boss, colleagues, mates … while never forgeting to have fun.

Never forgetting to have fun… only forgetting to launch the phone on a major US carrier. But don’t forget folks… you can now buy it unlocked at NewEgg.

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  1. T Mobile US 3G on that newegg one?

  2. the fire wheel fireball killed me lol

  3. No multitasking at all was displayed in the video. You should look up that word.


  4. video doesn’t work
    versatile then ?

  5. Thats pretty cool.
    This commercial has been sweeded.

  6. I really enjoyed that :)

    heavyduty >> Showing that he could keep his Street Fighter 2 game (go SNESoid!) going in the background, while being able to shift to phone calls, emails, finding a place to eat, etc. does — indeed — constitute multitasking. I agree that they could have made it more obvious, but then again… we’re geeks. We can figure it out, right? ;)

    I actually kind of expected the faux couple to wink at each other or something at the end. Anyone else get that vibe?

  7. Video is working/up
    Awesome little video !
    i remember i loved the samsung galaxy italian video featuring the galaxy visiting planets.

  8. weird

  9. So the Galaxy is specifically a productivity killer? Nice. Might as well just get an iPhone then.

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