Android Developers Challenge 2: Round One Complete


Round one of the Android Developers Challenge 2 is officially complete:

The response to round one of the Android Developer Challenge 2 has been phenomenal! We originally expected that it would take two weeks to get all the necessary data to complete scoring. Over the last 10 days, more than 26,000 Android users reviewed and submitted our target of over 100 scores per application. With this enthusiastic support of the Android community, we are closing the first round of ADC 2 judging today.

We will now be reviewing the results and preparing for round 2. Please stay tuned for information about round 2, where the community, combined with a panel of judges, will narrow down the top 20 applications in each category to determine the final winners. Until then, users with the ADC 2 judging application currently installed will get a notice saying that round 1 is over. When round 2 opens, the judging application will resume giving out new submissions to score. We look forward to seeing the results of the final round and hope that you choose to help us score these top apps as well!

Is it me or has ADC2 been abnormally silent from the scene? Had we not been so darn busy… we would have reviewed more apps included in the contest. And now the app won’t allow us… shucks!

[Via Android Dev Blog]

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  1. i have reviewed many apps and yet i havent found anything mind-blowing or is worth the first prize (overall or in its category), some of them are so bad and some of them are good (but not great).
    And again, the main lacking thing is still the games, i came across a single game that was very well done or at least it looks professional (Runes MMORPG) ambitious and professional but i didnt like the game itself

  2. the one app i wanted to judge “solo guitar” never showed up for me …i did my fair share of reviews tho

    i love the concept

  3. I did some too before I got bored. Nothing seemed just all out awesome…oh well…maybe I missed the good ones.

  4. acd2 kinda lurked in the shadows while google was being flamed for their actions. tis a shame…

  5. It would have been nice to see and choose the apps ourselves. You never know what apps were missed that may have easily been a top choice

  6. 100 reviews x 2000 entries (approx) / 26000 reviewers = 8 apps reviewed per person. Yep, Google rushed this one. Probably because of the 1.6 update causing apps to crash.

  7. I loved it but thought that it would b better if we could judge the apps we wanted too and not randomly as i had to keep skipping as i live in singapore and not all the apps were appropriate. Thus, i felt that since they were eventually gonna give awards in order of categories i thought they would let us do the same with the reviewing:)

  8. After seeing all these apps, i get so disappointed from myself that i didnt work harder and released my app, i hate myself for being so lazy lately :(

  9. they did not specify which 300 apps go highest scores ?

  10. I judged well over 100 apps. I also skipped about 300.

  11. The overall level of polish on the apps is very poor(ate least the 100+ apps I reviewed), some apps fell very short of something that should be even released.

  12. Was there a poker tournament clock similar to that at, by any chance? I’m getting my first android phone tomorrow and I put that at the top of my wish list.

  13. crud….

  14. the app i was interested in “Access Bollywood” never appeared for me…

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