Oct 4th, 2009

There is good hot and bad hot. Good hot would be something like the rumored HTC Dragon – an Android Phone supposedly coming packed with a Qualcomm 1GHz processor. Then there is bad hot… like your T-Mobile G1 melting through directly through your battery cover:


That’s exactly what happened to a blogger over at AndroidWorld.nl as you can see above – they’ve got more pictures of the melted metal (translated). Thanks to Ruud who sent this in and had this to say:

Some time a go the iPhones were all over the news when the exploded/melted. One of my bloggers experienced exactly the same with his G1, no explosion, but the backcover melted because of the (Batter) heat. Still awaiting the answer from T-mobile, but we do have a article and pictures ofcourse. Think some interesting Androidnews

Interesting indeed. The only way you could really “fake” this is by putting a lighter directly up to your device – is anyone dumb enough to do that? Being Android enthusiasts themselves, I’ll give these guys the benefit of the doubt. So now the question remains… will we start seeing more incidents like these popping up? And what caused this in the first place?

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