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Last night a few Phandroid tipsters (see via) wrote in to share that wnrussell from Howard Forums posted pics of the Motorola Tao, also/formerly called the Motorola Sholes – we’re not sure of the name just yet. At first I passed on the pictures because – to be honest – they don’t reveal much beyond pictures of the screen lit up. We can’t make out any hardware features at all and the poster said he is restricted from  featuring the QWERTY or DPAD.

Nonetheless I know you folks are craving something, and by something I mean anything, so here are the pics:

I warned you… not much there. But we DO find out that the Tao/Sholes has a 1390 mAh battery. And I skimmed the rest of the 56+ page thread and found the following insight provided by bill23 – just a regular member as far as I can tell so take it for whatever its worth to you:

eclair yes
oversized dare but made of metal and very heavy ,yes
battery life is good but gps will wear it down quick
battery is very tiny
it is droid 2.0
and has a app market so you can dl tons of free apps or paid apps
youtube plays in full HQ,my pc doesnt even do that
the music player plays very clear and just loud enough.
the soft qwerty is so damn accurate it isnt funny
the hard qwerty board is like the htc i would say
phone is super slim and thin but like a large dare
the load time of pages is lightning fast.

i wish i could post h/w pics or screen shots but its under wraps tight.
i wonder where the other fellows are getting there pics from? *cough*

A little curious that the Sholes is supposed to have 2.0 Eclair and we haven’t even got 1.6 Donut yet. And look how long it took to get from Cupcake to Donut. Oh and I’m guessing by small battery he means the dimensions. And Bill, I’m not usually into the whole “disease” thing but would you mind coughing in this direction?

UPDATED: The most meaningful LIVE picture yet has emerged from the same source:

[Thanks DigitalBusker, some1, Matt]

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