Samsung Behold 2 Passes FCC with 1000 mAh Battery


behold2-fccNext to nothing was known about the Samsung Behold 2 except that it an Android phone sporting Wi-Fi and a 420 x 300 pixel screen – but it has just passed the FCC and a couple more details came along for the ride.

The most notable item that I saw on the list was a 1000 mAh battery. Not good if you ask me. The higher powered the device the more juice you’ll need to operate it for any worthwhile period of time. Considering the T-Mobile G1 has a 1150 mAh battery I think it is safe to say that the Samsung Behold 2 will be on the lighter end of the Android scale.

The true name/model of this phone are still up for debate -the first Samsung Behold was model SGH-T919 and the device that passed the FCC was SGH-T939 so it makes sense there. That model also had a 1000 mAh battery, 5MP camera, 240 x 400 resolution and pretty good reviews from consumers. The main downfalls of that device were its limited software features and absence of Wi-Fi, both of which will be resolved in this version.

But therein lies the problem – with limited features you can deal with a limited battery because you won’t be using your phone 24/7. Add Android, all the background syncing, application resources needed and you’re looking at a dramatically increased load for the phone to handle. Will the Behold 2 be able to handle it with a 1000 mAh battery? I’m inclined to say no… but I’ve seen crazier things occur.

Now look – I’ve gotten all off subject. In addition to the 1000 mAh battery here are the other known specs of the Behold 2:

  • GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/1900
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • a-GPS
  • Touchscreen with 400 x 240 pixel resolution

By the way this phone is headed to T-Mobile… shocker. Those men in magenta don’t play around with Android – turn around for 2 seconds and they’ve got another Bot in the Droidline.

Rob Jackson
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  1. wow, this one is garbage. sincere thanks rob for highlighting the battery. now we know not to bother getting excited over this one.

  2. well it could be exciting if the price is aggressive enough

    I don’t care what the phone looks like if there is finally something on the low end…or even prepay level for android

  3. Its going to have touchwiz ui. Could be good.

  4. Do not dismiss the potential power savings of the AMOLED touchscreen, this will definitely cut down on the power usage of the phone while it is actively being used.

    I speculate that even with the slightly smaller battery, the overall battery life will be similar to the G1. (Not great, and many people have upgraded their battery to support longer life, but good enough for most people…)

  5. Agree with Ben. Eventhough it’s ONLY a 1000mAh battery the OLED screen uses about a third of a regular LCD screens power, so with a smaller battery and slimmer form factor, the usage should be on par with other devices, if not even a little better.

    Now I will caveat that with, “it also depends on the processor speed” which at this point is unknown but if it the same as the i7500 galaxy then it the 528mhz, which is too bad because the new Android Samsung moment for Sprint is going to have a 800mhz proc. If only the Behold had that proc too, but I doubt it.

  6. Where in the documentation did you see an indication of the battery’s capacity? I searched, but am new to FCC documentation and couldn’t find it. This device appears to be a slightly Americanized version of the GT-i7500 Galaxy, which had a 1400 MaH battery if I remember right. I would be truly shocked if the battery capacity were cut so severely for introduction into a new market, especially one which has plenty of active 3G users.

  7. I agree. I looked at the docs, and saw some references to 1000mA, but not 1000mAh. Which doc and what page/paragraph?

  8. I’ve actually had a chance to test-drive the Behold 2 and specifically looked at the battery. It’s 1500 mAh, not 1000 or 1100. This phone will have perfectly viable battery life.

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