Sep 28th, 2009

Remember the Geek’s Phone One? I first mentioned it to you folks in May and was reluctant to do so as it seemed/sounded like a possible fake – it wasn’t. But even though the company is real they have yet to produce a consumer ready product and this month have faced further delays. Fortunately those delays are to improve the produce and the company is poised to announce the Geek’s Phone One Pro on Wednesday, September 18th:


They call it Geek’s Phone ONE r2 but everyone knows that when you add a keyboard what you’ve really done is made the “PRO” version, right? So the ONE PRO is just my own name but hopefully they adopt it. The other thing is that they mention the product was delayed and in the extra time they took they redesigned and reconfigured some hardware decisions. I’m not sure if the ONE Pro is a second “option” for the phone or whether it completely replaces the original model.

We’ll hopefully find out Thursday: on the Official Geeks Phone Forum they discuss developments of the product including an event announcement scheduled for Wednesday, September 30th:

  • Available  for Christmas Season (late Nov, early Dec)!
  • Resistive touchscreen
  • No accelerometer
  • No G-compass
  • DVB-T Tuner and DVB Radio
  • A-GPS
  • 40 key, 4-row keyboard
  • Will cost about the same as the Dream or Magic
  • The phone is just called ONE… Geek’s Phone is the brand.

[Thanks Desmut!]

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