ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet: Pre-Order At Amazon!


That was quick! There is no denying that the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet (announced yesterday) is a big pile of Android awesome. And look, the company is already allowing pre-order via Amazon!

All you media obsessed early adopting tech whizzes have no excuse if you’re not one of the first to have it! This thing definitely has the “wow” factor on both the design and hardware side:


Don’t forget that ARCHOS is also teasing us with an Android Phone Tablet which looks pretty awesome as well… but there is no telling when that will come out not to mention it definitely serves a different purpose. Let us know if you decide to pre-order and make sure you follow up and tell us when it arrives!

[Thanks Ryan!]

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ARCHOS Android Phone Tablet

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  1. Should I get this or a mac???

  2. @Will definately this. It beats the socks off a Mac…

  3. The 160gb have a lower price than the 32gb… how strange!

  4. I haven’t touched Android yet and whether I do is completely up to too many people in VZW making too much money. However, I have always hated proprietary hardware and software. I screwed around with PCs before IBM announced the first one (dad worked on them). When IBM went to micro-channel instead of ISA, that was stupid. When IBM went from “windows” to OS/2, that was stupid. I never used an Apple or Mac. I just never liked them. If I ever wanted to get back into being a techy, I would learn far more about Linux than I do now.

    If it were my decision, I would take this over a Mac

  5. As much as I want to whip out my card and buy this on the spot, I do think I’ll wait for some reviews first. Not willing to drop hundreds of bucks with out hearing some opinions first.

    Looks absolutely amazing, though.

  6. What exactly is this for? lol.

  7. @Moe

    VZW’s infinite greed has taken me to the end of the tether. I’m going to buy this Archos device, wait out my contract…then see where the technology is two years hence.

  8. im going to wait for the reviews first, im worried about the resistive touch screen

  9. I’m thinking they got the prices backwards for the 32Gb and 160Gb.

  10. Why do this not have 3G modem , data plans are cheap in europe wifi alone make it so limited

  11. Could the 32GB be using an SSD to explain the prices?

  12. I believe the 32GB model is a flash drive and the 160GB and 500GB are hard drives. This makes the 32GB model thinner and sleeker. Hence more money.

  13. I have Archos (earlier vesio)160 gb and is a amazing device, the 160gb will be a bit thick to carry however it is a fantastic device. Imagine all your songs / movies / pics in one device and you can use facebook, twitter and wch online tv channels alon with GPS

  14. wow…..just wow

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