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You may already be familiar with Remember The Milk, an advanced To-Do list that utilizes location awareness, background activities and other features of Android. Today they’ve launched the PRO version. You can download it for FREE from the Android Market but you’ll need to be a Remember The Milk PRO subscriber to use it which costs $25/year.

The company made the announcement in a blog post, highlighting the benefits of the software which we’ve summarized below:

  • Background sync= awesome
  • Use of notification/status bar
  • Organization/Sorting by tons of different options like location or due date
  • Easy management of lists/tasks
  • Search features
  • Home screen widget
  • Lots of details

This looks pretty awesome. I thought the $25 was enough to keep me away for now, but it looks like they are offering a free 15-day trial. Not too shabby. Share your experiences with Remember The Milk below!


[Via Remember The Milk For Android]

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  1. It’s $25 per year, not per month.

    I’m seriously considering signing up for a pro account. Another feature that’s tipping the scale for me that I found buried on their site is a GMail widget that shows your lists as well.

  2. Following the link notes that it’s $25/yr not per month… A bit less sticker shock there.

  3. $25/month?! That’s crazy!

    Oh, the website says $25/year. That’s more like it :)

  4. WHOOPS! Typo! Fixed… thanks Bernal/Walter/Dave!

  5. I think it’s actually $25/year, so about $2/month.

  6. Argh, you guys are quick off the mark!

  7. Astro rocks, I won’t need this.

  8. I mean astrid .D

  9. FYI – Astrid is a great free & open source app and it syncs with RTM free accounts…go get it:

  10. the pro account costs $25/year and not $25/month.

  11. I’ve tested it and it’s really well done!

    But you could use Astrid (, it has almost the same features and it’s free!

  12. I use RTM alot, and I’m already a pro subscriber. The RTM-team deserves all support! They releasing an Android app is just great

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