Hey Rogers Customer With HTC Dream/Magic… Read This!



If you’re a Canadian with the HTC Dream or HTC Magic and Rogers’ mobile service you’re going to want to do as we say. Head on over the HTC support page for your given phone – Dream here and the Magic here – and download the updates provided. The update includes several key enhancements that will improve the overall functionality and stability of your Android phone.


Some specific fixes include SMS timestamp fix, Chinese characters on Emails, and E-mail client exchange fixes. But the overall functionality and stability improvements are what really make this a must download. It’s the little things that give you the edge and this is one of those that you don’t want to pass up on.

If you download it, let us know if you see noticeable improvements!

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  1. I guess this isn’t available on the Mytouch3g huh? What a bummer.

  2. No noticeable difference other than I get more Exchange Sync errors now…

  3. Hmm so I just got my dream the other day.. I am able to mount the sd card and exchange files… But when I try to install this update the phone cannot communicate thru usb…any suggestions?

  4. I just installed it. Seems a little zippier, maybe cuz it’s nice and fresh. I made sure to back up everything I could before doing the ROM upgrade. I haven’t tried exchange yet. I hope I don’t get any errors as this has become my default method to checking my work email.

    The only real thing that sucks for me is I can’t find Twidgit lite in the Market anymore. I couldn’t back it up because it’s protected. That thing better reappear in the Market soon. It was my favorite Twitter app and I’m already missing it.

    One thing I’d like to note. Android is built on the Linux Kernel right? HTC, so far as I can tell doesn’t have a method for updating the ROM in Linux. I had to boot my little used Vista Machine to do this update as it’s an EXE. I wish they’d make a linux app to do this for next time.

  5. Does this prevent rooting the device?

  6. nevermind I solved my own problem… I guess it requires that you install the htc sync software beforehand.. Worked fine after that

  7. Does this update erase any data on the phone? If so, what?

  8. I plan to do this when i get home.

  9. how do i back up all of my things before upgrading….i dont want to lose all my data, programs and set up….is there an easy way ????

  10. I can’t get the link from HTC it links to a blank window??

  11. Just to note: the updater will not work unless you install HTC Sync first (as it includes the required USB driver).

  12. Done it, I got the first batch of Dream from Rogers, And I can tell you – francis -, it is faster, building menu do not take seconds (64 app installed). I was not sure to keep it but if it come faster and faster like it I’ll get 2 choice: 1)pray for rogers to get android 2.0 upgrade fast, or do a factory default monthly (my MS nightmare come back). I can find a word about any change on the net, somebody have a link??

    Lost All my data (restoring unprotected app, sync contact, cals) not recover all personal apps data.

    but my hart is happy to recover a fast Android.

  13. Some of you might have noticed that even though the newest HTC Cupcake update for the HTC Dream includes an onscreen keyboard, it won’t work on your phone. Rogers disabled it of course. BUT – I did some searching online, and found the instructions to get it back on. It only took me a few minutes and its working.

    Some might say why bother with onscreen if you went with a physical qwerty keyboard, but there are times like when adding contacts that I just have to type a couple of things, and I’d rather not open the phone.

    This is the page I got it from. Its pretty straight forward, but if you have any ?’s I’ll check back here to answer them. One thing it doesn’t specify. When you go to Market & search for the apps installer program – make sure you search for “appsinstaller” with NO SPACES.

  14. OOps I had posted it on the website portion of comments, but it didn’t show up. Here is the link for the instructions to get the onscreen keyboard working.


  15. I purchased my Dream recently. The build number on mine is lower than that listed on the update but the HTC site said it is not suitable for my device.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I am having issues with the Microsoft Exchange Active Sync and wondering if this update is the solution.

  16. Don’t do it if you plan on rooting your device. It upgrades to a perfect SPL with the root bug fixed. You’ll have to use the gold card method to replace the SPL and take a chance bricking your phone.

    I ran the upgrade before I knew what I was doing. Believe me, I know what I’m doing now. It took hours of reading the forums at XDA to figure out how to fix.

  17. has anyone purchased a Dream recently and successfully set up exchange with a mail account?

  18. Billy I went the same route as you. IE – went to the HTC (Canada site), saw my build was lower, which meant I didn’t have the newest update & tried to download it. I got the same message that it wasn’t suitable for my device – even though I chose the Rogers Dream on the HTC website. Turns out since I”m on Rogers I had to go to the Rogers tech support page with all the download links I needed. If you’re with Rogers, post that & I’ll post the links.

    Reddy, I know what rooting means, but I’m not techie enough to understand everything you’ve said. I updated since I’m not planning on rooting my phone. I have such bad luck, I’d brick it & never be able to get it back!

  19. Trish – Yes, I am with Rogers. Was your update successful?

  20. Can anyone recommend a good app that will help with the backup process? I understand from HTC’s website that it will delete all the info on the phone.
    For those who have upgraded, is it really worth it? Anyone know if the Sense UI will be offered through Rogers as an upgrade?

  21. I just got a Rogers HTC Dream and I downloaded the HTC Sync program so that I can sync with Outlook and it installed fine, but the program does not see the phone in spite of the fact that it does show up in Windows Device Manager on my Vista laptop. Suggestions?

  22. Did the update on my Magic 2 days ago. Seems a little quicker, but I still can’t find apps in the marketplace that I found when browsing there from my PC.

  23. Im looking for someone to root my HTC Dream in Winnipeg. Im not technicall savvy so I don’t want to even try it Anyone in Winnipeg that knows how to do it?

  24. The ROM update for the Rogers Magic has made my phone feel much, much faster! I can’t say much about Chinese characters, or the exchange improvements, but the overall speed improvement has left me very very happy.

    One strange note – the instructions tell you to backup all your contacts, but since your contacts are sync’ed with google mail, and exchange mail, I don’t see the point. As soon as you’ve updated, and your phone synchronizes, then all your contacts are back anyway (at least they were for me!).

  25. billy: Yes I have had Exchange 2007 integrated, it works before and after this ROM update.
    reddy: Its ok, I’ve since rooted my device. Got tired of waiting for 1.6 from Rogers. Just follow these instructions to the letter and you’ll have no issues; http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.php/Full_Update_Guide_-_Rogers_Dream_EBI1_to_CyanogenMod
    That is Rogers Canada HTC Dream only, don’t use on Magic or G1.
    article: The ROM flash did seem to increase performance by a little bit, and did fix all advertised fixed bugs.

  26. You got exchange to work? Rogers finally told me that they don’t support it. I resorted to having my work email forward to a POP account and then to my phone.

  27. hey guys!

    if anyone is interested in a SAFE was to upgrade to Android 1.6 for their Rogers HTC Dream, check out this link


    it is a step by step process. written for those of us who are NON TECH and want to upgrade our phone!

    i did mine last night following the steps to the letter and it was super easy and done in less than 30 minutes!

  28. Dylan: did you say you rooted your phone after installing the mandatory update?

    Samson: did that work for you after the mandatory update?

  29. I’m having problems with my HTC Dream’s camera. It stays in an effect mode and I’ve tried restoring the settings to go back to normal but it’s still the same. I can’t take pics with my phone any longer as I can’t even make out the pic in the effect that its in at the moment. Any help?

  30. this software is crap. Not only did it not fix my phone but also deleted my internet driver on my PC. If you value your internet on your PC don’t download this crap. Took me 3 days to get my internet on my pc back up and the phone is still crap. Just get the new iphone 4. This HTC phone is crap

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