Aug 31st, 2009

A company called FlyScreen has produced an application called FlyDroid that takes your phone’s sleep/lock screen and uses it as a portal to access the mobile web with various widgets and syndicated content. Check out what I mean in this video demo from one of the company’s founders:

You can even tweet directly from your lock screen and sharing/social features are coming soon! The app is currently in alpha but MobileCrunch has hooked up with the company to offer 1,000 free copies of the app – visit and type in your email address with the code “techcrunch” and maybe there are still  few copies left.

The app only works on phones using Android 1.5 and while its designed with HTC phones in mind it will work, albeit less smoothly, on the Samsung Galaxy. The company has posted a whole bunch of video demos showing off the various features of FlyDroid which I’ve embedded below:

Pretty awesome idea if you ask me. Simple… but awesome. It takes an otherwise completely useless screen and takes advantage of its frequent presence to do something useful, helpful, enjoyable, entertaining or whatever else you’re wanting. We’re going to give this a whirl… for those lucky enough to get one of those alpha invites, let us know how you like the app!

FlyDroid is based in Central Israel and first launched in 2008 at the TechCrunch 50 event in San Francisco.