Twidroid v2.5.1 Launches Free and Pro Versions, Major Revamp


twidroidYou probably already love you some Twidroid so don’t be concerned that the launch of v2.5.1 will change much given that its a “major revamp”. Most of the changes occur on the back and its for that reason that the folks who made the product are recommending you UNINSTALL your existing version of Twidroid before installing the new version.

There is a PRO version of Twidroid that offers support for multiple accounts (merged & single view), desktop widget, video posting, list of friends/followers, color themes and cool application icon. They’ve now got a neat chart that compares the free/pro version.

Twidroid is avaliable in Android Market and costs $4.89 USD or 3.39 EUR for the kids across the pond. So for all the Twitter lovers out there who use Twidroid on their Android, let us know how you like the new Free and PRO versions!

[Thanks Quentyn!]

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  1. 5 bucks is way to much for only adding a widget and friends list, 2 things other free apps do just fine. Plus the new revamped version sends notifications even after you turn them off. failed release is failed.

  2. @schwiz I think that is entirely unfair to say that. I’ve been reading market comments and you sound like a majority of the users “$5 is too much for feature x and feature y”. Of course naturally you’ll only find the features that are worth anything to you and value their worth, but it’s alot more than just “widgets and a friends list”. If I recall correctly, there is only 1 twitter app that has a Widget (Twidget, and we’re not counting Peep since it’s exclusive to Hero), and not every free app allows you to view your own followers/following list (the only one I can think of is maybe Twitterride)

    Let’s take another approach at this angle. You did not complain before about your free version of twidroid missing friends list and a widget, so why complain now? You still have your free twidroid, the same one you’ve been using since you got your Android phone, except its much better now. Now you feel you’re owed something because the Pro version offers a couple of features that you would like but are unwilling to pay for? I really wish people on the market and in the community would stop acting as if Devs are evil by charging for apps: an open Market doesn’t mean that all of your apps will be free, and a lot of them are actually worth paying for.

    Not trying to sound like a twidroid fanboy here, I actually despised Twidroid up until this release and shelled out money for I Tweet, but I’m just tired of all of the complainers who think they’re entitled to something when the devs could’ve just as well left this product alone (albeit that would be a very stupid decision). With these kinds of attitudes, It’s going to be pretty hard for Android market to surpass the Apple app store because developers will soon start to think that their time and effort will be unappreciated with very little return value, and will take their ball and leave. You don’t want that, now do you?

  3. On a lighter, more relevant tip, I love the new Twidroid. The interface is really top notch and shows the flexibility of the android platform as far as GUIs go. The Free version really is just a release that tightens up a lot of the shortcomings that twidroid had,while the pro version looks to be the meat and potatoes. I’ll gladly shell out $5 for what looks to be the most fully featured twitter experience currently available.

  4. Sorry for triple posting (my mind moves too sporadically), but with your claim to being Amish in regards to twitter, I know this must’ve been hard to get excited over, Rob, lol.

  5. Forget speech to text… I need brain to text. If I could think something in my head and instantly tweet it, I would suddenly use twitter. However if all my friends’ tweets were immediately tweet to brain, I would feel like Sooky Stackhouse (reference for fans of True Blood on HBO)

  6. CHEAP!! lol $5 is about $2 too much but i still paid for it though, im not paying for the app, im paying as a donation for giving all of us the BEST twitter app for FREE for so long, i mean….developers should get a little something for their hard work……agree?

  7. Quentyn, CuTewit comes with TWO widgets, so no, Twidroid and twidget aren’t the only players in this game.

    Had they gone the route of donation, that would be fine, but Twitter is a free service, and there is no shortage of free apps for it both desktop and android — so why on earth should I pay money for a program that doesn’t have any original content. It’s like paying to have someone turn on my television.

    If Twidroid and other devs want people to pay they need to do a few things:

    1. Create Stable apps. I’m sorry, the fact that Twidroid has to be uninstalled just to be updated more often than not is a MAJOR flaw. There is simply no excuse for this. I can’t think of any program on my PC, and Twidroid is the only one on my android that needs me to uninstall the old version (and DUMP all my settings and login information in the process) just to receive an update. Perhaps if we were talking Twidroid 2, or Twidroid X — an upGRADE, then it would make sense. Login information and settings are something you don’t expect to have to keep re-entering every few weeks.

    It’s been proven that any dev can create a twitter app –that’s why there’s so many of them. So being able to implement feature x just means you’re able to pull and manipulate twitter’s data as well as twitter’s website can — big deal. How about integrating with Facebook? How about connecting to any of those specialty twitter analysis tools that show’s your local rating or if you use cliche words.

    The fact that Twidroid works isn’t pay-worthy. That’s like a car dealer being proud his doors don’t fall of his cars after 10 miles.
    I have no problem with devs who are up front, this is a beta, this is the lite version. But twidroid has been adding features since it first hit the market, to suddenly put features we’ve been waiting on behind a locked door we have to pay for — while major issues like updates, force closes, and phantom tweets being pulled from weeks/months in the past, it feels like greed and an abuse of customer loyalty.

  8. I gladly paid for the pro version, given that I can now finally manage both my as well as my Twitter account in the same great app. is my primary means of microblogging, and there aren’t many clients on android that even support it (and I wasn’t convinced by any of them besides twidroid). So there you have what in my opinion raises twidroid over all gazillion other Twitter clients on the platform: an open mind combined with great execution (i would have written excellent, but it prolly still has its quirks here and there).

  9. @Quentyn K
    I wasn’t complaining about the fact that the free version didn’t include those features, I was only saying I’m not willing to pay $5 for something so trivial as a widget. My number one complaint about twidroid before PRO was released was that there was no friends list, its nice they added it for the pro version but its still not worth it to me. I would pay $2 tops (yes I’m a cheap person but hell, I’m a student money is hard to come by. It may be the price of a cheeseburger, but thats one less cheeseburger for me!) Also, I wrote the developer months ago asking for a 4×4 widget and he made it 1×4 even though twidget is 1×4 and free. Oh well, perhaps if he adds a 4×4 in the future, i’ll bite.

  10. I agree with many, $5 is too much for a Twitter app. For the most part the entire cost if cost convenience, considering Twitter is a free service, and I hate the cost of convenience.

  11. This gets tiring. Claim:
    “twidriod pro costs too much”. Fine use the free app.

    “Other apps offer the same features and widgets and they don’t charge anything, they are free!” Fine go use those apps.

    Really if you don’t like it, take your money elsewhere, or use show your support to other products that you DO like. I like twidriod, and I believe in supporting these developers whom without, my phone would be just that, a phone, rather than the cool, fun awesome tool it is. I can toss $5 once in a while to support these folks. And yeah, I am a starving college student as well, and I don’t mind a one time $5 dollar fee every once in a while.
    Where did this mentality that you are entitled to anything free come from? Be glad that so much in the app store IS free, and the rest is so cheap.

  12. I would have paid for Twidroid but they really pissed me off when they introduced a time bomb in a previous market release which caused it to “expire” at about the same time the pro version came out.

    Of course I could download and use the “lite” version but I really don’t want to play their game.

    Maybe I’ll load an older version from one of my backups (MyBackup Pro is one of several android apps I’ve purchased) and use that, does anyone know the last version that came out before they introduced the time bomb?

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