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First of all, the obligatory bucket of salt should get a few extra helpings with this post. The Xperia X1 is a great device, the X2 is rumored to be its WinMo wielding successor and if we’re lucky enough, the Android-based Xperia X3 rumor will pan out too. But a Phandroid reader (Thanks Jeff!) has spotted mention of another Android Xperia – the Xperia X5, codenamed Nadine:


Let’s get all the misguided hope out of the way first. These are merely “concept” pictures… and pretty poor ones I might add. Looking at these images SCREAMS fake, not to mention the X2 and X3 haven’t been announced and the rumor mill would have seemingly skipped over the X4.

The image and info comes from a Korean website that seems reputable ( and in their article discussing the Xperia X5 Nadine they acknowledge that the concepX5 “looks more concept” and the “existence of this product is still doubtful” but if they compelled to post the rumor we thought you should know – even if solely for entertainment purposes.

If you speak Korean feel free to help us translate the original article, otherwise here it is translated to English:

In 2008, Sony Ericsson X1 released shortly after they begin to have the news XPERIA series, X2, X3 be followed by X5, everyone will X5 this product conceptualization, especially as to the function of the current configurations can imagine be added to this phone. In 2008 the old experience, 8 million Pixel camera regarded as the top offers, but in 2009, that the legendary X5 models have been equipped with a 12 million pixel camera.

Last year, more than three-dimensional bar design using Sony Ericsson X5, the new X5 design looks more concept. While the Sony Ericsson X2 seems to release more backward, but the X5 existence of this product is still doubtful. The latest X5 will adopt the sliding cover design and full-keyboard design, the overall design direction was continued XPERIA family tradition.

Sony Ericsson X5 adopted the Android system, rather than the XPERIA series usually Windows Mobile system, the fuselage at least 3.5-inch screen, built-in 12 million-pixel camera will be able to support the auto-focus, the Sony Ericsson introduced idou later, the problem seems to be not so difficult for a solid line. It can be seen from the design, Sony Ericsson X5 will be available in three colors. As for the authenticity of this phone, and when released are still unknown market.

Supposing the X5 is somehow real it would be a beast of a phone indeed:

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Sliding Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • 12MP camera with Auto-Focus and XENON Flash
  • HD Video Recording
  • Android
  • 3 Colors: (Chrome Silver, Ocean Blue, Sunny Orange)
  • Sony Ericsson AppStore

Don’t get your hopes up but that is what the poorly rendered and MS-paintified concept images proclaim. Mention of the Sony Ericsson AppStore is an interesting idea. Will Sony Ericsson act as an intermediary and use Android Market to fuel their own Application Platform? I hope not.

Then again why dive into that debate when the chances of this rumor panning out are a long, long, long shot at best? We can still hope *Crossing Fingers* but please forgive my reluctance to add the X5 to our list of Rumored Android Phones.

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