Sony Ericsson Xperia X5 (Nadine): Android Concept


First of all, the obligatory bucket of salt should get a few extra helpings with this post. The Xperia X1 is a great device, the X2 is rumored to be its WinMo wielding successor and if we’re lucky enough, the Android-based Xperia X3 rumor will pan out too. But a Phandroid reader (Thanks Jeff!) has spotted mention of another Android Xperia – the Xperia X5, codenamed Nadine:


Let’s get all the misguided hope out of the way first. These are merely “concept” pictures… and pretty poor ones I might add. Looking at these images SCREAMS fake, not to mention the X2 and X3 haven’t been announced and the rumor mill would have seemingly skipped over the X4.

The image and info comes from a Korean website that seems reputable ( http://tech.sina.com.cn/) and in their article discussing the Xperia X5 Nadine they acknowledge that the concepX5 “looks more concept” and the “existence of this product is still doubtful” but if they compelled to post the rumor we thought you should know – even if solely for entertainment purposes.

If you speak Korean feel free to help us translate the original article, otherwise here it is translated to English:

In 2008, Sony Ericsson X1 released shortly after they begin to have the news XPERIA series, X2, X3 be followed by X5, everyone will X5 this product conceptualization, especially as to the function of the current configurations can imagine be added to this phone. In 2008 the old experience, 8 million pixel camera regarded as the top offers, but in 2009, that the legendary X5 models have been equipped with a 12 million pixel camera.

Last year, more than three-dimensional bar design using Sony Ericsson X5, the new X5 design looks more concept. While the Sony Ericsson X2 seems to release more backward, but the X5 existence of this product is still doubtful. The latest X5 will adopt the sliding cover design and full-keyboard design, the overall design direction was continued XPERIA family tradition.

Sony Ericsson X5 adopted the Android system, rather than the XPERIA series usually Windows Mobile system, the fuselage at least 3.5-inch screen, built-in 12 million-pixel camera will be able to support the auto-focus, the Sony Ericsson introduced idou later, the problem seems to be not so difficult for a solid line. It can be seen from the design, Sony Ericsson X5 will be available in three colors. As for the authenticity of this phone, and when released are still unknown market.

Supposing the X5 is somehow real it would be a beast of a phone indeed:

  • 3.5-inch touchscreen
  • Sliding Full QWERTY Keyboard
  • 12MP camera with Auto-Focus and XENON Flash
  • HD Video Recording
  • Android
  • 3 Colors: (Chrome Silver, Ocean Blue, Sunny Orange)
  • Sony Ericsson AppStore

Don’t get your hopes up but that is what the poorly rendered and MS-paintified concept images proclaim. Mention of the Sony Ericsson AppStore is an interesting idea. Will Sony Ericsson act as an intermediary and use Android Market to fuel their own Application Platform? I hope not.

Then again why dive into that debate when the chances of this rumor panning out are a long, long, long shot at best? We can still hope *Crossing Fingers* but please forgive my reluctance to add the X5 to our list of Rumored Android Phones.

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  1. What the article suspected is true.
    These are not really an upcoming Xperia phone, but rather just some fanboy’s artistic view of what he expects out in the future.

    Read this article for more info:

  2. Its funny though, to see these snaps propping up every now and then over the internet :)

  3. Dude… I don’t speak either language, but I can tell them apart, and that is definitely Chinese, not Korean. Plus, the top-level domain .cn is for websites in China. .kr is for Korea.

  4. this is fake. look at the ad. who would make and awful ad like that? especially when sony is in trouble, you think they would make an ad that lame?

  5. That would be an amazing phone if it really looked like that, but I doubt it will look anything like the concept art.

  6. Let us get our hands on the X3 first SE. :|

  7. A Sony Ericsson with a screen that big AND a slide out keyboard? I hope this turns out to be true. If not, I’ll still be getting the X3

  8. Sony Ericsson ??????
    Who gonna buy????????

    iPhone or Samsung only

  9. definitely chinese not korean

  10. What’s it say down on the right? “copyright tob’s @ esato’? Unless XPERIA is pronounced Speria, that ‘a’ should be an ‘an’.
    This is wishful thinking on tob’s part.

  11. Translation as follows. Any poor phrasing is mine alone.

    In 08, not long after the announcement of the Sony Ericsson X1, there was news of a whole series of Xperia models, from X2, X3, to X5. Everyone has given up on the concept of the X5, especially because it seemed to cram all the highest end technology into one handset. In the ‘good old’ 2008, an 8MP camera was the pinnacle of technological achievement. However, in 2009, that rumoured X5 now sports a 12MP camera.

    Compared to last year’s rumoured and 3D rendered X5, the brand new X5 concept seems even more… concept. Even though the X2 is about to be launched, the existence of the X5 is to be suspected. The latest X5 concept will have a slider design and a full QWERTY keyboard. The design cues extend the XPERIA line’s traditions.

    The Sony Ericsson X5 will use the Andriod OS, and not the usual WinMO system. The screen size will be at least 3.5 inches, and will contain an auto-focus 12MP camera. After Sony Ericsson launches idou (sic), this problem does not seem to hard to overcome. From the chart, the X5 will have 3 colours to choose from. As to when it will launch, nobody knows.

  12. UGH. I just came in my pants.

    Now dats one sexy looking fone!

  13. If this is real…..then i REALLY HOPE this will be on t mobile!this phone will finally replace my g1 :x

  14. Yeah it is chinese…

    anyway, looks like even the home button is on the keyboard. Does that mean that we have to slide out the keyboard everytime we use the phone? thats bad :p

    I tried to translate the last paragraph, which describe the features:
    SE X5 will be based on Android OS, not the WinMo OS that XPERIA series will normally use. The screen will be at least 3.5inches, built-in with 12megapixel camera with auto-focus, since the launch of Idou, this doesn’t seems to be a problem to implement at all (i am guessing what they mean is the implementation of 12MP camera). From the design we can see that X5 will come in 3 colors. But the fact that whether this is real, or when it is going to be announce/market are still unknown to us.

  15. I couldn’t care less about the supposed X5, just want to know about the X3 Rachel Android phone. Btw, who the hell comes up with these code names, Rachel, Nadine…..

  16. Not gonna happen in a million years. Why does a great site phandroid give these time-wasting idiots the oxygen of publicity?!

  17. FYI, on skipping the X4, a lot of manufacturers do this, because 4 is unlucky for east asian cultures (number of death I believe). IIRC, when I lived in new york, there was a Metrocard machine in the Chinatown subway that was vandalized regularly. The MTA couldn’t figure out why, until someone pointed out to them that the service number on the machine printed in large numbers at the top was 444, and what that meant.

    Still, the image looks suspect to me. what internal document would have such a lame tagline: “One of the best phones ever made. And it’s an Experia” … wha?

  18. I’d hit that.. =D

  19. Haha… Copy cat from Motorola Calgary and then modification the photo / photoshop.

  20. Much better Motorola Calgary than this Sony Ericsson XPeria X5 concept look toys for my kid.

  21. What a mocked-up piece of crap! HTC’s LED light bar/Speaker, HTC’s zoom bar at the bottom (Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond2), That is an uber MotoRAZR-esque keyboard.

    Greatest dis-service done to this phone is plaguing it with Android OS.

    Thankfully, not real.

  22. FYI: The article is not in Korean, is in Simplified Chinese.

  23. oh my GOD .. that thing is UGLY.

  24. sony ericsson xperia x5
    would you please let me know how much this phone ?

  25. I like Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 Concept.
    Do you have Sony Ericsson XPERIA X5 Concept
    i like to buy.

    Thank for you

  26. Lol the spelling mistake makes it look unprofessional before I even looked at the phone.

  27. Tob!s which created this picture is a good artist, some of his fakes are really good! it’S only a concept picture made by him and only for fun, he is active in the largest german Sony Ericsson community at se-world.info

    and guys we are laughing about those pictures, and what you think about it.

    and @Motozine this “ad” was released when nobody knew what Calgary is, this pic is about a year old…

  28. i purchased an sony ericsson x1 and it was not worth it. for the money sony ericsson x1 cost and the problems i had with it and with the problems i had with there customer service line the x1 like the sony ericsson company is a joke, buy ANYTHING else.

  29. if this is real….its a nice design…solid and elegant…. but if its not, the designer just have creative mind…..

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