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The MyTouch 3G has been out for quite awhile but hey – its the weekend, news is slow if not non-existent and  you’re craving Android. So I thought you might enjoy this short 3-minute discussion about the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G with Steven Leckart from BoingBoing and Daniel Dumas from Wired.

I’m very protective of the T-Mobile G1’s place in the Android world and I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the way they portray it. They consider the MyTouch 3G to be the improved, upgraded version of the G1 while I simply consider it the full touchscreen, non-QWERTY version of the G1. If I were going to buy a T-Mobile phone today I would still purchase the G1.

That being said, its always nice to see Android coverage even if you disagree and so that was 3-minutes well spent.

[Via BoingBoing]

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  1. Lol I liked the video. Although I do agree, I didn’t like the way they portrayed the MT3G (but for slightly different reasons). I feel it is its own new phone and not a revision, but I would definitely choose the G1 over this (G1 certainly doesn’t feel dated when you’ve got fast roms like Cyanogen 4.0.1 making your phone feel like it has a 1ghz snapdragon processor). *So size does matter*

  2. I appreciate that initial adopters of the G1, love their phones, and that the myTouch is not different enough for them to switch., What kind of bugs me though, is that here is a phone.. that is actually selling, and it’s a nice phone! It gets no TV advertising from Tmobile either.. I tried waiting for the rumor phones, but finally just went for the myTouch. I have seen the Hero videos, and it is obviously a great phone as well.. but still I think I will probably be like you with your G1, and say that’s nice but I am happy with my myTouch.. Now close to 2 years down the road when I am due for a new phone, things will be a different story.. but seriously, I don’t see myself having any buyers remorse regardless of what comes out by the end of the year.

  3. I completely agree with you on the G1. There is no actual replacement for it out yet, and if I had to buy a phone today, it would be the one I’d buy.

  4. Dont care to much about what these guys had to say!!!! but more interested in the crazy guy holding the iphone, sceaming while driving. Now that was some funny sh#%!!!! If anybody know where i can find that vid please post up the link.

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UlzoL-wQwio

    Here you go. I had to watch it too.

  6. Go to 2:43 of the video. It says 4gb of base memory. I want that MyTouch.

  7. I like how i learned absolutely nothing about the mytouch in that video.

  8. I like this video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT5y19JgW5U .. not the highest rated on Youtube, but covers it pretty well, I thought.

  9. The G1 is no doubt the better phone.
    I was considering upgrading from the G1 to the MyTouch 3G
    before they were released to the public.
    I found out one of the guys at the local T-Mobile store
    was a MyTouch 3G beta tester and I stopped by when he was working to get his thoughts on it.
    He said if I did a lot of texting or emailing to stick with the G1. He wasnt impressed with the MyTouch 3G at all.
    When a T-Mobile beta tester wasnt impressed, that helped me to me make my mind up to stick with the G1, till another T-Mobile Android phone with a qwerty is released.


  10. The G1 to me, is still the better phone and I’m rolling with the G1 till it gets an upgrade.

  11. I just bought the mytouch and love it. I prefer qwerty keyboards, but I am quickly getting used to the touch screen of the mytouch. If you have a G1 or just don’t think you could live without a keyboard then wait for the real upgrade to the G1, the mytouch is not an upgrade to the G1, just a new product offering. I would still advise giving the touch screen thing a chance, but to each their own. If you want something like the iPhone and either don’t want an unlocked iPhone or just am not that into iPhone, definitely try the mytouch.

  12. I just ordered the MT3G, I currently have the G1 (which I will keep). I do not consider this an upgrade, just a new phone to try out.
    Not being that big on texting (maybe 5-10 text msgs a week) I don`t think the on screen keyboard will be an issue for me (I prefer to just call the person)
    I will give my thought on the mytouch in a week or two for those who are considering a mytouch. Oh, one thing, I just measured my G1 screen and it is smaller than the MT3G just incase this is an issue for anyone.

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