Motorola Talks Android With PayPal Execs


Yesterday we told you about some fun Motorola was having with their Android progress and explained that it likely signals much more. Today we wanted to share a more substantive blog post on the MotoDev Blog – a podcast they did with PayPal (listen below):

It aired yesterday at noon and here is who you’ll hear when playing it back above:


  • Randy Ksar, MotoDev Blog and Podcast Facilitator
  • Kent Griffin, PayPal Mobile Senior Product Manager
  • Fabio Sisinni, PayPal Mobile Director of Strategy

More of a laid back podcast and not a ton of information is revealed but here are some interesting tidbits if you’re not down with spending 30 minutes on audio:

  • PayPal Android App took about 2 months to build and 1 month to tweak. It could have been done much quicker but with something as risky as online payments they wanted to make sure it was undeniably protected and secure.
  • Pretty soon you’ll be able to use PayPal for Android APIs within your own Android application… and that is where things are going in general. It will gives developer another way to monetize their applications using micro payments, donations and other monetization models besides just having Free apps with ads/donations or Paid apps.
  • At about 18 and a half minutes in Randy asks about the complexities of building an international application that is locally targeted. I thought this was a GREAT question and would have LOVED them to expound on this a bit… but all we really get is that they needed to make sure currencies converted properly. I would love to hear more on this as I thought it presents a logical and large problem that developers could and will face.

The PayPal Development Blog is at (what an awesome freaking domain!), launched on June 25th 2009 and it looks like PayPal has some big things coming up so you might just want to take a peek and perhaps subscribe to their RSS Feed. While you’re at it… subscribe to ours too!

This is the first edition of a weekly podcast that the MotoDev Blog will be doing so make sure you head over there on Wednesdays at Noon (Eastern Standard Time) to catch up with all the Android goodness you can! And yeah… we want to restart our own podcast as well, thanks for all the kind emails saying how much you miss it ;)

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  1. Don’t know if you realize, but is the original paypal.

  2. Thanks Rob for the mention the MOTODEV Podcast. Definitely want to expand on the topic of internationalization and localization of Android apps on a future podcast. I’ll ping you via Twitter when that is scheduled. Talk to you soon.

  3. Hey, if you’re looking for anyone to help out with the Podcast, I’d love to be involved somehow. Anyhow. :)

    I’m quite knowledgeable on Android and have many supportive and critical views on it and can talk about it at great length. Most of my friends are tired of hearing about the ins and outs of Android (although they still love the platform).

    Just thought I’d take a stab in the dark. :)

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