Samsung Galaxy Lite Introduced By Wi-Fi Alliance


Before the first ever Samsung Android Phone – the Samsung Galaxy – makes its way to American shores we’re already hearing about another version of the same phone… the Samsung Galaxy Lite. The Wi-Fi Alliance passed the phone through its certification process and IN the process outed the device’s existence.


There is no solid evidence that the Samsung Galaxy Lite will run Android OS, but one would THINK that it would be a smaller version of the same phone with more meager hardware specs. I would assume this phone runs Android… wouldn’t you?

But we can’t be sure and unfortunately, even if it IS running Android, there is no telling when or if it will ever reach North American shores. After all, we’re still waiting for the original Galaxy.

[Via Wi-Fi Alliance]

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  1. Samsung said that ‘Galaxy’ brand will be used as a Android line. I think that it will be an Android phone. What will be the lite?

  2. it’s Samsung Q Android phone?

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