Acer Counters: Android Aspire Netbook On Track For Q3


acer-aspire-androidSince I was 11 years old, Acer has been talking about launching an Android Netbook. Okay… maybe not that long, but you get the point. Two days ago those childhood dreams were crushed when DigiTimes asserted that Acer had delayed its Android Netbook aspirations and would potentially terminate them altogether. PCWorld just renewed my hope.

Acer remains on track to launch a version of its Aspire One netbook with Google’s Android mobile operating system in the third quarter of this year, a company representative said Wednesday.

The company decided to reiterate its commitment to the project after news reports said the project had been delayed or changed.

The Acer Aspire One Android Netbook will launch with a 10-inch Screen, Intel Atom Processer and obviously boot up with Android OS. There has been talk that the netbook would dual boot Android and a version of Windows (most likely XP) but the PCWorld article seems to dismiss that suggestion, saying it would only run Android.

We’re not sure WHAT to think right now but we are sitting 1 month into the 3rd quarter, so we have 2 months left to see who is right and who is wrong. Let me pose this question to you: If Acer launches an Android Netbook and another Android Netbook doesn’t seem likely to launch before the end of the year – will you buy one? Keep in mind Chrome Netbooks won’t launch until late 2010 although Windows 7 Netbooks could be out in time for the holidays.

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  1. I would buy one provided it is dual boot with XP

  2. I already have 2 netbooks – Eee 1000H (XP) and 701 (originally “Xandros” but now EasyPeasy Ubuntu Remix).

    Still, I’m curious to see wether the acer launches at all, and if it does, which customizations have been applied to the ui (in terms of full keyboard integration).

    Android might have a shot on the acer if it comes with a) a touchscreen and b) a good “quickstart” which makes users familiar with the use of that.

    Without a touchscreen (and a wireless access module for wifi) the acer will #fail I think :/

  3. This is really non-sense, why would someone want a cell phone OS on a laptop. The netbook version of Ubuntu is really great and has all the software and repositories one can need.

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